Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First hunt of 2013!

Cleo on point with Jimmy in the foreground

Keeping with tradition Jimmy and I got up and started 2013 off right with a morning hunt with Cleo. Nothing thumbs a nose at old man hangover more than loud blowing whistles, shotgun blasts and the smell of gunpowder. In case anyone was curious Luna Lu didn't get to tag along as she was goose hunting with Bob Gelder in New Jersey today.

Cleo has a scabby ear from woodcock hunting last week

We had a successful morning and what I really mean by that is that I didn't throw up, fall in any puddles and Cleo did a kick ass job. She found and Jim flushed and shot a bunch of chukars. The last one he winged and it flew two full fields over before crashing to the ground just shy of the impending tree line. There was no possible way Cleo could have seen where the bird landed. Jim sent her for the blind retrieve and she bolted across the two fields and immediately began a search. Jim and I took our time working our way over and by the time we arrived she had located the chukar. She never ceases to amaze me on her blind retrieves.

I love a good woodsy point

After our hunt we kicked back on the couch and Jim amused the living hell out me by practicing his goose calls with his new Lynch Mob goose call I got him for Christmas. I also got him a DVD on calls, blinds and decoy placement ect. I couldn't stop laughing through the DVD.

Me: Bahahahaha. Jimbo.....your hobbies are flippin hilarious.
Jim: My hobbies!?! Your like a drug dealer....I find something I'm interested in and you just keep loading crack in my pipe! You get me hunting dogs, goose calls and decoys! This is partially your fault.
Me: I don't know what your talking about. Make that goose noise again.

Cleo is very interested in all that racket. 

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