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Sage Monkey

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Unseen Dangers of Duck Work

Duck work is a staple in most versatile hunting dogs training. Depending on where you live both dogs and handlers can be exposed to various types of life threatening dangers. For instance down south there are alligators as well as poisonous snakes. But the dangers I'm focusing on in this blog post concentrate mostly on the handler in a specific situation. For instance let me share with you a recent experience in our household that nearly put poor Jim's life in danger. 

Jim and Cleo heading back to the truck after a successful duck search

Allow me to set the stage. Jim and I came across some free time this past week and jumped on the opportunity to get out of town. If you'd like to read about some of those adventures check out my other blog here and here. But last Sunday night before we embarked on our much anticipated journey Jim and I had the following conversation upon his return from working with the girls on duck searches:

Me: So.....What are you doing with that dead duck Jimbo?
Jim: It's wet. I'm going to let it dry out in the garage before I put it in the freezer. 
Me: Ok. But don't forget about it because we are heading out on vacation tomorrow and it will be a legit disaster if you leave it out.
Jim: Yea....I know. I won't forget it.

Couple things to keep in's the worse and longest heat wave thus far this year with temperatures over a 100 degrees, and our attached garage is locked tight for 6 days with zero air flow. Now flash forward to us returning from our blissful vacation......

Me: Oh my god...what the hell is that smell?? It's horrendous.....are one of my cats dead? Jesus Jimmy find the cats!!
Jim: No no no...the cats are right here. Maybe it's the trash? (Jim runs over to the trash).'s gotta be the cat food plates my mom threw out. I'll empty it.
Me: (10 minutes later) Jesus Jimmy....I don't know it's still unbearable. I don't think I can take it.
Jim: Shit. (runs to garage)
Me: What? What is it??
Jim: Ummmmm.....I think I left the duck out.
My response is better left out of this story.......

This picture really doesn't need a caption now does it? 

So the moral of the story is when you leave a dead wet duck in a locked garage for 6 days it gets infested with maggots and then magically liquefies and fills your house with an impenetrable smell of death. In fact, its a miracle we didn't return home to a house that had been ransacked by the police because with both our trucks parked in the driveway it's safe to assume the neighbors might have thought we both died in here. (Well one of us almost did.) 

This is probably the only time it is acceptable to steal your wife or girlfriends expensive swanky hair dryer and use it too dry the duck out. And yes.....Jim and I have had prior altercations over that exact scenario. However, it is safe to say I will never complain about that again as long as he never has to use a squeegee to clean our garage again.  With that said, the greatest danger in duck work is liquefying ducks and dealing with angry significant others who are legit ninjas. It truly is fowl play.

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