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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This is a hard post to write and to be honest I'd rather not be writing it. But in reality you can't have a blog that follows your adventures for 4 years and not explain to your loyal followers why everything moving forward will be different. Jim and I after 7 plus years are breaking up.

We've had a tough last 8 weeks since we've officially decided to put an end to us. We are very aware and on the same page that dissolving our relationship has had to come from a place of kindness and not from a place of anger or venom. We also have a very high understanding that this decision affects not only us but our families, Jim's daughter, our close mutual friends and our fur kids. Heartbreakingly this means that we will be splitting up the pointer pack. (Insert sobbing while typing).

Cleo and Luna will remain with Jim. They have always been "our" babies but Jim has made the financial investment into their training. I have been and currently am struggling incredibly with this. They have been my babies their entire lives and it hurts my heart on an astronomical level that I won't be waking up to their kisses and hugs, there will be no more afternoon grappling matches and dog walks, no more hours of fetch off the deck or wrestling moles from Luna's mouth. It breaks my heart that at least for awhile I know they will wait for me to come home but I won't be there.

But Jim is a good dog dad and he loves them every single bit as much as I do. He will take great care of them. I'm sure for the next few months I will be sending him text messages to remind him to check Luna's left ear (she sometimes gets a yeast infection in that ear), or reminding him to check Cleo's belly after hunting (since having babies her belly gets a bit more scratched up). I'm sure I'll ask if he's had their nails trimmed lately and checked them for ticks. I'm going to worry and I'm going to cry myself asleep at night for a very long time. But eventually...I know I won't. And eventually we all will be OK because that's what happens. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Guinea Pig size Sage's first selfie! 

5 month old Sage and I with dear friend Raf and Phoenix

From the moment Sage was born she was mine or rather in reality I was hers. She stuck a claim to me early and will remain with me forever.

My best friend Jenny of 26 years who lives in Bozeman

In addition, my situation will be changing drastically as Sage and I will be moving out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Next weekend we set out on a 2,200 mile journey across the United States to settle in Bozeman, Montana. I have always wanted to move out west and I will have a great support system in Bozeman. Sage will have access to amazing hunting opportunities and I will get to focus on some fly fishing. We have already joined the NAVHDA Sharptail chapter and Sage will test with them this August.

My heart hurts that Sage won't have her Momma Cleo and Aunt Luna. It hurts my heart that I will not either. Next year when Jimmy breeds Luna we have agreed that I will take a female pup so both Sage and I will still get to have a part of her beloved Auntie. And Jim has promised to send lots of texts and video so I can keep you guys up to date with the Pointer Sisters. I have a feeling I will wait with bated breath for those pics. (Insert sobbing while typing).

I know change can freak a lot of people out. Sometimes change comes out of the blue or it happens without notice. This is why they say to write your life plans in pencil.  I know how attached you've all grown to Cleo and Luna (imagine how I feel). But we will push on. This blog will still be about hunting and non-hunting adventures. It will still include witty and nonsensical posts. It will evolve and become something new. Kind of like me through this experience. I hope you stick around for the ride. I hope your still here laughing with me, drinking wine or bourbon slushies at inappropriate times and occasionally at times like this crying with me. There is a magical adventure afoot for Sage and I hope your here to experience it with us.

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