Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sage the Savage: 4 month update

It's hard for me to believe that my little Sage monkey is 4 1/2 months old. I feel the last few months have flown by at lightening speed. When both Cleo and Luna were pups I found myself just waiting for the stress of the puppy months to be a distant memory (the teething, the potty training, and unruliness). With Sage I'm hanging on to every nano second that she is still a puppy. Third time around you undoubtedly appreciate how short lived those fanciful puppy months are.  They have a lifetime to be the dogs they quickly become but only a short time to be rambunctious pups.

It's clear though that her puppyhood is coming to an end. Sage is getting huge. Last Saturday at the vet she tipped the scales a 35lbs! That's 5lbs more than Luna weighed at this age and more than half of Cleo's current weight. Sage is going to be a big girl! A trait she clearly inherited from her daddy VC Sharp Shooters Doc Holliday.

Keeping her gigantic pup paws off the counter has been a constant battle. She is hands down the most food motivated puppy I have ever seen. Every time we open the fridge door, a cabinet or the pantry she materializes out of thin air and puts on her best begging show. She also doesn't discriminate.  I'm pretty sure she would eat anything we offered her. One of her favorite foods hands down are fresh green beans (just like her Momma). Luna is not a fan of veggies but will take one begrudgingly just so she's not left out. Luna wishes bacon grew on trees.

 No one be alarmed! It's Jim shoe so its OK. ;)

Sage is a wild woman. Not quite to Luna "hell puppy" status but then again not many dogs can get to that level. Luna has left a legacy and some very big shoes to fill....or eat. With that said Sage is doing her best to leave her imprint. She gets into plenty of things she shouldn't and is never even remotely apologetic about it. Which certainly is par for the course.

Running down the big dogs!

Oh how the tables have turned little dog

In the last few weeks she has earned the nickname "Savage". Sage has a touch of alpha in her and her most favorite thing in the world is some good old fashioned wrestling. Last week in the yard I watched her take down Luna and later in a moment of complete insanity she drug her mom Queen Cleo to the ground. That is by no means an easy feat and the result was as an entertaining ass kicking from Momma. I guess she never learned the lesson don't try to dance with the old man (or your mom) unless your absolutely ready. And just like her mother she talks, snarls and growls the entire time she plays making her sound like Cujo. Cleo is vocal dog and this is just how they play but to others I'm sure they think Sage is well....Savage.

                    If synchronized sleeping was an Olympic sport they would take gold

Momma Baby Snugs

Although she can be barbaric during playtime Sage has to be the sweetest most endearing pup. Whens she's ready for downtime she will come and paw at Jim or I to let us know she's ready to snuggle. I'll go sit on the couch and she will jump up, nest in my lap, lay her head on my neck and promptly fall asleep. She loves to be touched, cuddled and held. If she can't occupy our laps she snugs in as tight as Cleo and Luna will allow. She is a lover to the core. When we nap together she lays her head across my neck and chest or if she's cold she rests on my hip under the covers. I love holding her and can't get enough of her love. I think Aunt Luna feels the same way and has opted to give up her mornings sleeping in with me to chew faces and play with Sage Monkey.

Her field training has been coming along superbly. She runs great, uses her nose and is pointing. I couldn't possibly be more happy. She is responding to my whistle and shows me little glimpses of the future and the amazing hunter she is destined to be. Handling her myself has been a blast and the thought of getting to watch her develop over this summer in preparation for our trip to North Dakota this fall has me pumped! Although I'm not so sure Cleo and Luna love the extra time I get out and spend with her in the field.

We've also been training with a good portion of the pups from Cleo's litter. I'll do a blog post later this month showing some of their progress in the field as well. In the meantime follow us on facebook at Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer.