Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

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This blog is based on my adventures with my amazing 2 year old old German Shorthaired Pointer named Sage and my 11 month old GSP Figs.

Sage is the product of a rockstar breeding between Nobelle's Beautiful Cleopatra SH call name Cleo and VC Sharp Shooters Doc Holiday. She has her mothers inquisitiveness and her fathers calm sweet demeanor. Sage has an excellent versatile hunting pedigree and we are proud members of NAVHDA and participate in their hunt testing events as well as hunting a variety of upland game.

Sage at 7 weeks

Sage on her first chukar at 10 weeks

Sleepy Sage Monkey

Sage hunting in Montana

Sharp Shooters Sweet Mission - Call name Figs at 10 weeks

Figs at 5 months

Figs comes from Sharp Shooters Kennel in Wisconsin. At 11 months of age she's proven to be a loving, sassy pup full of drive. Although she's only been with us a short time we can't imagine having never had her in our pack.  

Figs's Pedigree - compliments of Sharp Shooters

This blog has been an outlet for me for over five years. It's been a platform for me to share my experiences with owing GSP's, participating in hunt training and events as well as sharing my hunting dog photography. The last year has been focused on Sage but the majority of this blog and the prior 3 years focused on Sage's mother Cleo and her Aunt Luna who I had co-owned with an ex boyfriend. The adventures and experiences I shared with Cleo and Luna were life changing and not a day goes by that I don't miss them desperately. Take some time to read about my often times hilarious adventures with them. Cleo and Luna are amazing GSP's and you will tell from our past stories that they could be insanely captivating. Sage the proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree.

Momma Cleo on point while hunting

Sage's Auntie Luna

The three stooges. Cleo, Luna and Sage before Sage and I set off for a new and fulfilling life in Montana

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