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Sage Monkey

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paper or Plastic??

Let me guess...If I give chase your only gonna run? 

I'll never quite understand it but Cleo is completely obsessed with paper products. She'll dabble with paper plates or the occasional paper towel tube what really gets her all worked up is paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and tissues. Once she has stolen your goods she sneaks off with it bunched up in her cheek like she's got a wad of chewing tobacco. She never eats it but has the best time shredding it everywhere and sucking on the wads she forms in her cheek. She's been doing this since the first week we brought her home.

Hmmmmm...stolen toilet paper and sitting on the couch like a mountain goat. 

I wonder how that got there....

This behavior is frowned upon which only seems to encourage her more. Cleo thrives on pushing buttons (especially mine). Once Spottyrella gets a hold of a good roll she's damn well gonna drag it all through the house. Everyday is mischief night for this dog. Our house is her canvas and her brush is TP.

As such leaving toilet paper on the roll holders in the bathroom in our house is legit taboo. It has to be stored as high as you can manage to put it to keep theft to a minimum but since she is full grown its become almost impossible to get it high enough. It always makes for interesting conversations when we have guests over and the toilet paper is kept in weird places.

Just because your looking off into space doesn't mean I can't see that TP stuffed in your face. 

Ahhhh the old wedge ourselves under the dining room table routine. Well played dog face.

She loves paper products so much if you left a piece of food on the counter unattended next to a paper towel she would steal the paper towel long before the food. She has also perfected her pick pocket routine and doesn't hesitate to nose her dog beak into hooded sweatshirt pockets, jacket pockets or purses to steal tissues from people. She even baited me into making the paper towel in my hand vulnerable the other night so she could steal it. There's nothing like getting outsmarted by your sassy hunting dog. It'd be easy to get annoyed with her over it but I kind of appreciate her ingenuity and wine always helps. She's also obsessed with stealing and hiding my socks which I feel is part of some personal vendetta but that's really for a separate blog post.

AH HA!!! Caught Red Pawed at the scene of the crime!

The two pics below were taken when she was just a puppy, I think around 3 or 4 months. The house Jim and I own has been fully gutted so the pic was taken during that time. But the pics show just how much trouble she can get into with paper products when given just seconds. I was painting the hall bathroom at the time and popped my head out into the hallway to see Cleo being mommy's little helper.


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