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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dog Who Cried Wolf

Cleo is a quirky little beast. She loves swimming in the ocean and riding in waves, jumping off of docks into lakes and searching for ducks in ponds. She has her own doggie pool to keep cool in the summer and she loves blazing trail in the snow but when it comes to rainy days she refuses to go outside. Today just happened to be a typical chilly and rainy Pennsylvania Fall day.

Starting early this morning Cleo began to cry wolf. She walks to the back sliding door and punches the glass. This is our signal to get up or stop what we are doing and open the door to let her out to run the perimeter of our yard. Except on days like today when she smacks the glass we walk over and as we open the door she runs away. As soon as we walk away from the door she sits herself back in front of it and after a minute or two punches the glass again.  This would go on all day if we let it. At some point we shove her out the door and little Ms. Sassy Spots has learned to go hangout on the front porch where its dry.

The only way she will go outside and do her business is if you stand outside in the pouring rain with her. Otherwise she just chills on the porch. Someone has learned to work the system.

I would also like to share that when I started this blog post tonight Cleo was in my good graces where she normally resides like the little spotted princess she is. But when I left her home and ran out without her, Lady Cleopatra dug through my closet and carefully choose my favorite pair of black heels to make her chew toy. And this is what she did to them:

Needless to stay when I came home and she failed to meet me at the door I knew something was up. She delivered the shoe to hand and put herself in timeout. Not only is she sassy but she's vindictive and now she resides on my crap list. I wonder how long I'll actually be able to keep up this whole mad charade. At least she knows she was bad and I didn't even have to tell her. Ugh....I really liked those heels. Boo.

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