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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The GSP Puppy Chronicles: 5 Months Old and as Naughty as Ever!

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good", J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. That quote must be the secret mantra of all GSP's. It surely is for my girls. They seem to constantly try to out do each other. I often wonder if Cleo has been subjecting 5 month old Luna to some crazy sorority initiation hazing like if she doesn't destroy enough crap Cleo will never let her join her club.  Well I, along with the rest of the members of this household wish she'd let her in already!!

In the last week or so Luna has done the following:

1. As pictured above she chewed the cord to the blower for our wood insert. It's been rumored she tried to pay Bailey the Siamese a large amount of catnip to hang around and look guilty. LUCKY for me I'm not buying that crap.

2. She ate Jim's daughter Sam's I-phone charger cord.

3. She chewed the break light cords on Jim's trailer. (Which I laughed like hell at....I don't know why it's so much funnier when his stuff gets destroyed. I guess it's because Cleo only destroyed my things for the first two years. I secretly LOVE that Luna spreads it around. Well....I guess that's not really a secret anymore huh? Oops....)

4. Killed a mole

5. Quickly upgraded and with some assistance from Cleo killed a groundhog. Yea...a groundhog. Which was surprising and sad since I kinda like groundhogs. But most alarming she tried to bring it in the house.  Which I have that part on video but won't post since I sound so unbelievably annoying in it.

And interactions like these have become the norm in our household.

Me via text message to Sam: I have no idea what this is. I hope its not yours as I plucked it from hell puppies mouth.
Sam: Haha. Handle from my laundry basket....
Me: Ohhh....sorry about that.

Me via text to Sam: Look what I just extracted from hell puppies mouth now.
Sam: Hate that dog. How'd she get that? It was inside my makeup bag this morning!!
Me: Lol. I have no idea. I saw the shiny metal end sticking out of her mouth. Imagine my surprise when  I pulled out a brush!

Hunting for birdies

Bringing in the ducks

But for as naughty as she can be in the house she's been amazing in the field and water. Jim had her out on birds this past weekend and she is having strong points and is tracking great.  She's been more than impressive in the water and is quite the stealthy swimmer.

She is also quirky and cute as a button. If we stay up past 10 she gets up and goes and climbs into our bed and puts herself to sleep on my pillow. She thinks that if she sits in front of the refrigerator it will open and give her food. She is also fluent in Klingon. Which I will leave you with tonight. They are also doing a Klingon interpretive dance. It's quite rare. Please enjoy below and turn up your volume. :)

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  2. Hi AJN124,
    Thanks for commenting! I'm originally from Horsham, PA much closer to Doylestown than I am now and I used to work in New Britain. Small world isn't it? Have you guys gotten hooked up with a trainer to help you with Archie's training? Love the name btw. If you haven't look into the Potomac or Delmarva NAVHDA Chapters. They will help you train him and you'll meet a great group of people!

  3. Luna, you go girl! Tex makes those Klingon grunts as well. We think he sounds like a chimp. Great post!

  4. brdhntr, who knew these GSP pups were bilingual? :)

  5. We'll definitely look into those groups. I'd be interested in seeing some of the technical details of your photos, like aperture, shutter speed, etc. They are fantastic pictures and I'm only an amateur at best with my SLR. Thanks!

  6. ajn124, shoot me an email. We can talk pics anytime!