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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Say Good Bye to Summer Recap

Even hell puppy needs her beauty sleep

I've been a real bum the last few weeks with my blogging. This is the biggest layoff I've had since I started it more than a year and half ago. My work recently moved and Jim's father passed away making keeping up with this nearly impossible. So I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed with a recap of the last couple of weeks.

We  ended the summer like we always do at my parents shore house in Cape May, NJ. Click here to read about past shore shenanigans. We ate too much, drank too much, partied too much with the rowdy neighbors and slept too much. It was a phenomenal time. We also celebrated as Cleo turned 3 on September 1st. She spent the day running the beach, napping and chewing on fresh marrow bones with her pesky little sister in tow. What a life they have. When I die I want to come back as one of my GSP's.

Nothing like a 50 pound lap puppy to make chilling at the shore a little better.

Cleo and Luna partied like rock stars all night for Cleo's 3rd.  She originally demanded flasher beads but we think she's a little young for that so she settled for Hawaiian lei's. She drives a hard bargain that dog. She waved her paw at me and barked something about what happens in Cape May stays in Cape May!? I tried to no avail to explain to her that was Vegas. these days. Anyway below are some post party early morning hangover pics. Luna showed her youth by drinking the hangover off. Cleo not so much.

Someone check that puppy's I.D. Don't believe her if she says its in the car and she'll get it later.
**Disclaimer: The dogs didn't have any booze. Those are our and the rowdy neighbors empties. Don't get riled people. I'm not a jerk.**

But of course no hangover could stop hell puppy from working her magic. She was so well behaved all weekend until I returned early from the neighbors house to find that she had infiltrated the cat litter box and feasted on three days worth of kitty turds. I'm pretty sure her farts smelled like litter for two days. Jim says that only happened in my head. Glad were not voting on it Jim cause they did.

Luna's face full of litter. I wouldn't let her kiss me for a week. Barf.

To top things off we had a 5 1/2 hour ride home in shore traffic which was just enough to stir Luna(tic) into a tornado of destruction. And upon arrival home she managed to eat my favorite hat and destroy her dog bed in about 5 minutes. During the destruction Jim sat about 5 feet away immersed into fantasy football (which he is totally going to loose at by the way because I have the best team in our league, just saying).

Bye bye cute Mossy Oak hat. We had a great two years together. I will lament your loss. Rest in Peace.

Ugh!! WTF Luna!!! Really?

Even with all that has been going on we've been managing to squeeze time in working with the girls getting them ready for their upcoming NAVHDA Utility (UT) and Natural Ability (NA) tests. Cleo is looking great in the field and her duck searches have really come around. She's come a long way since we started training in the spring. Fingers crossed we do well with the UT otherwise I have a feeling it will be a long and quiet ride home with Jimbo. Luna on the other hand were not really worried about. She's 6 months old and impresses us every time we take her out. And she is so young we will be happy with whatever she does. 

Cleo returning from a duck drag

Luna's first track on a live pheasant. 

Brought it right back to Daddy!

So summer is officially over. For most people that probably bums them out. Not me. Aside from not having daily tomato sandwiches from the garden I can't wait for chilly weather, hunting, photographing dogs at field trials and hunt tests, drunken pumpkin carving, venison chili and copious amounts of fantasy football trash talk. This is my favorite time of the year. I'm looking forward to taking Luna hunting for her first time and watching as the leaves change and fall.  Hope you stick around for the ride and find us and like us on facebook. Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer. 

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