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Sage Monkey

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hell Puppy Update!

The Internet says that German Shorthaired Pointers are descended from the German Bird Dog which comes from the Spanish Pointer mixed in with some other breeds along the way. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure GSP's are in fact a potent combination of lightening, the common house robber, a sly fox, a velociraptor, a woodchuck, tornado's and a vacuum cleaner. These cosmic forces clearly banded together and created my dogs.  I'm actually going to start referring to our pack as the Apocalypse pack because lets face it, their lawless, they can over take people like a swarm of locusts, and they often plague me with their flippin antics. Which brings me to hell puppy and Cleo's most recent escapades.

Well, what's that in your mouth Luna?? The cat food plate from off the counter? Shocking.

Well it was bound to happen. Luna Lu has been out of her crate full time now for about 6 weeks. Or should I say WAS. It took about a month but she finally started pushing my buttons when left alone. Cleo showed her how to flail herself around and jump up onto the counter to steal the cat food. Cleo is a professional at this so I know at least Luna Lu has learned proper form. She also began destroying and shredding any toilet paper she could get her paws on.

What the hell is this!?!? Let's just fight in the middle of our mess and maybe...just maybe Mom won't notice. Clearly a well learned Cleo diversion tactic.

And this time Luna drug Jimbo's brand new shoes into the action. The more chewed up one is conveniently stuffed under the couch so you have to search for it like an Easter egg because that's not annoying.

But the straw that broke the camel's back and brought out the fire and brimstone was coming home to find 3 corners of my oriental rug in my dining room uncharacteristically flipped up. Why were the corners flipped up you might ask? Because Lu(na)cifer chewed the tips of them off. Jerk. So Luna got herself a one way ticket back to her crate when left alone. I actually think it's been harder on Cleo. Whenever I put Luna in her crate Cleo gives me this hateful stare like I just burned her velveteen rabbit in the yard. Whatever. Your snuggle pal wouldn't be incarcerated if she didn't eat my things!!!

Although it could have been WAY worse my carpet looks all stupid and flea bitten.  

On a lighter note Luna's mole hunting has been in full gear. I've never seen a dog so motivated to dig up moles and kill them. She averages at least one a day.  She has also gotten really good at stuffing them whole into her mouth. Imagine my surprise when she nonchalantly spit one out on the couch cushion the other day.

WTF Luna!!! Really?

Where do we find those moles? Halfway to China of course.

I totally can't wait for Jim to get the riding mower tire caught in that hole. That may make the best blog post ever. Be sure to check us out and like us on facebook: Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer.

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  1. Your blog is an ounce of sanity in my day- LOL. We are at about the same stage of the "game" with our GSP, moles, oriental carpet trimming, counter leaping and all!