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Sage Monkey

Friday, November 2, 2012

Surviving Sandy

A very large tree snapped in half

So Hurricane Sandy has come and gone. She has left in her wake an enormous amount of destruction not unlike our little Luna Lu. In fact, I now realize that her ill behavior over last several months has been nothing short of character building and training for dealing with this storm. Our neighborhood took an absolute ass kicking and their have been rumors that it may be 2 or 3 weeks till we have electricity again. Without power we are left with no running water, flush able toilets, means to shower or heat the house. It's starting to look like I should have bought more wine. With all that said it could have been much worse for us. Aside from a loss of much missed amenities we got through with practically zero damage to our home and property.

Look in the back and you see some of the wires down in our neighborhood...which the electric company has yet to even come look at

The hurricane had little effect on the dogs. It sure as hell didn't stop Hurricane Luna(cifer) from eating another one of my hats. I only had this one for approximately 30 hours. It was in fact a replacement hat to one she ate a couple of months back. That's 3 hats destroyed in 2 weeks. She is for all intensive purposes excelling at being a jerk. Her and Cleo also managed to knock over my end table during a wrestling match decimating my $400 Tiffany lamp. Pretty sure the dogs caused more damage in the house than Sandy did outside.

Thunderdome Sandy....two dogs dog leaves.

So for the most part the dogs slept through the hurricane. They had no issues going to the bathroom in all the craziness and in fact I'm pretty sure Luna appreciated the never ending rain as is gave her lots of mud to dig in. I however, learned a few really important life lessons from this storm. For your benefit I have listed them below.

#1. It's perfectly acceptable to start drinking bourbon rather early in the day even if its in the middle of week as hurricanes and nor'easters mess up the space time continuum.

#2. Taking pictures of your hunting dogs in snorkel gear and then facilitating their virality on the web results in threats from your boyfriend to turn you into PETA.

#3. I am so much better at gin rummy than Jim.

#4. My dogs are ridiculously brave as they fearlessly crapped in the middle of the storm in 80 mph winds. Pretty sure as soon as the doo left their butts it was sent spiraling to the next county or at least my immediate neighbors property. Were not in Pennsyltuckey anymore folks.

#5. After a bottle of wine, Jim in his rain gear looks eerily like a cross between hook man and Captain Stubing.

#6. Marathons of the Walking Dead and Revolution shouldn't be played on a continuous loop before impending natural disasters as it only fuels my already overactive imagination and forces me to constantly remind Jim that if the power is not back on within five days we can legally steal the neighbors sheep and cows as it will be every man for himself. He adamantly disagrees with my cow stealing sentiment but he still has no problem using the "end of days" defense as his reasoning for buying 2 shotguns and not a generator the day before the storm. And for that I remind you Jimbo, you CANNOT play both sides of the fence!

Tree down at Casa Momma's

So here we are going on five days without power. It gets cold at night with no heat but lucky for us Cleo and Luna are the worlds best snugglers. They seem to know things are a little wacky but have somehow made it their prerogative to keep destroying my stuff and such keeping us sane. I'll leave you with a couple of pics from Halloween. Cleo was a Queen Bee and Luna was a Frog. I didn't get any good pics of Luna in her frog getup as she hated it and just kept running to the camera. I thought if I let Cleo out with her she would encourage her to range out. Instead, she shot out the door like she was fired from a cannon and began depantsing her. Flippin hilarious. Anyway...check us out and show us some love on facebook at: Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Queen Sassafras Face

Ohhh....I smell an ass kicking

I'll be taking those Frog Face


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  1. Wow! I'm so sorry to see that you had to go through that. Glad you are safe and sound though. Hang in there!