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Sage Monkey

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Dogs...Well sorta

While preparing a delicious dinner last night I watched out of the corner of my eye Cleo circling the kitchen like a shark. She intently observed my movements all the while taking note of the counter placement of all food and paper products. Her visibly moving nose giving insight to her plans. Being the grizzled veteran she is I watched her slyly check all the paths to flee before slowly shimmying towards the counter.

Meanwhile Luna sat quietly in the corner pretending to not watch the scene unfolding in front of her. Lies Luna....all lies. I took about three steps away and turned as the tension in the kitchen shifted and before Cleo could move another muscle I warned her spotted ass with spatula in hand:

Me: Don't do it Dogface.
Cleo: **Head tilt**
Me: You clearly have super powers with your nose. Use your powers for good Cleo...not evil.
Cleo: **Blinks Eyes**
Me: Who do you want to be Cleo!??! Lex Luther or Superman!?!
Cleo: **Sits down**
Me. My girl.

Satisfied with my quick come to Jesus speech with her I turned around as Cleo jumped like a ninja onto the counter stealing a wad of paper towels and taking off with her sidekick in tow. She clearly chose the Lex Luther route. As they wedged themselves under the dining room table to shred their bounty I knew somehow this would lead to me making superhero outfits for them because this how my brain works. For the record I immediately called Jim at work to tell him I needed a sewing machine which he totally didn't understand because this idea's level of awesomeness is just entirely too much for him.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an ill behaved shorthair!

I can not stop laughing at this photo. 

In reality I should have made super villain costumes for them as they clearly chose the dark side but villain costumes are never as cool as super hero costumes. Check us out and like our madness on facebook: Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer.

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  1. I am very close to getting a GSP.Your post just put me over the top.