Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bozeman or Bust

Three and half weeks ago Sage and I set out on a life changing adventure moving across the country from Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Bozeman, Montana. If your wondering why we made the move please check out my last post Breaking up is hard to do. Thankfully Sage and I had some much appreciated company on the trip as we enlisted the help of my father.

We packed my GMC truck to the gils and set out pulling a 6' x 12' U-haul trailer. We drove a total of 2,338 miles and shared laughs and tears along the way. I got to hear about my dad's childhood, about my mom when she was young, how he got his start in business, the lessons he learned in life, I heard stories about my grandparents that I have never heard before. We took some side trips and cruised the Badlands, we visited Mount Rushmore and very excitedly explored Devil's Tower.

Chilling with George, Tommy, Teddy and Abe

Close Encounters of the Third Kind!!!!

We also took a day and explored some of Yellowstone National Park. We got within 20 feet of a black bear while driving, we saw a peregrine falcon feeding her young, we saw geysers, bison and elk. We cruised through Paradise Valley and saw the Roosevelt Arch. It went from sunny and 65 degrees to 36 and a hail storm as we drove through Dunraven's Pass. It was an awesome and memorable day.

My dad refused to let me pay for gas along the way, he moved me into my apartment, built my furniture, and explored my new town with me. We drank wine on my front balcony and watched the sun set on the Bridgers. I loved and cherished every single second I spent with my father on this trip. He made me feel so loved. I'm the luckiest damn kid to have gotten him as my dad. Taking him to the airport and saying goodbye was the hardest part of the entire trip but he has since learned how to text and we have been talking on a daily basis which I look forward to and love.

Bones for Sage for us!

Sunset from my balcony

Since my dad has returned to Pennsylvania, Sage and I have settled into our new town. We love it here. The constant breath taking scenery never gets old. Sage has gotten to explore all kinds of cover and water. She's been getting out on birds on a weekly basis and has even found some pheasants on our morning runs around town. Saying we are looking forward to hunting season is a complete understatement. She's getting acclimated to apartment living but hopefully soon I will be getting her back into a home with a yard. In the meantime she is loving having that lake across from our digs. She pretty much lives in hunting doggie heaven. Cleo and Luna would love it here.

Sunrise on our morning run

Shooting some birds over a very steady Sage

Sage and I are in a great place (both physical and mental). Every weekend we go exploring and find some other new natural treasure to enjoy. Now that we are getting settled I'll be posting more about our shenanigans.  I also want to thank all you readers for the amazing amount of support you have offered. I have gotten all your messages, kind words and notes of support. Every word was read and greatly appreciated.  I apologize if I didn't respond to them all as the last few months have been hectic to say the least. But were back and ready to return to what this blog is all about!

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  1. so happy for you and look forward to all your writings. Makes me feel so good to know you two are doing well on your own..:)

  2. What a great trip for you with your Dad. He sounds like a good man and great father. I am taking my oldest daughter on a fly in trip for ptarmigan for 4 days Aug 9th. She is excited. The hardest part is getting my 115# GSP up into the float plane. We will make a tent our home for a few days. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the journey.
    Alan from Alaska

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