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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Cleo!

Now that's a party hat! I want to wish Cleo and her siblings: Molly, Kona, Bruin, Jazz, Griz, Montego, and Brandy and the other two I never got a chance to meet a super happy second birthday. The litter of ten was born September 1st 2009. Below are some pictures of them in the whelping box taken by their breeder Bob Corsaro from Nobelles Kennel.

The full litter of ten. Cleo is the furthest to the top and right with the Mickey mouse ears on her but and the two spots on her lower shoulders.

These are all the females from Cleo's litter. Again, Cleo is the chubby bunny all the way to the right with her left paw in the food dish with the sideways mickey mouse ears on her butt.
Getting Cleo was a game changing moment in Jim and I's lives. I can't even begin to explain how much we love her. The day we picked her up she weighed 8 pounds and was tiny enough to fit into a little cat carrier. Even though she was small she had a HUGE personality. At night she would get herself so wound up she would growl like a Tasmanian devil and then eventually crash out.

Cleo at 8 weeks

Snuggle time with daddy. Look at how small she was!

She still sleeps like this

Always the adventurer

What  a pup!

Cleo over the past two years has grown into such an amazing dog. She lives for birds, hunting, ducks and the water. She also loves to couch surf, sleep on my pillow and get rubbed behind her ears. She's full of sass and love. She's quite an amazing dog. And I love to talk to the people who own her siblings because everyone of these pups share the same endearing qualities.

I love my dog. She rides shotgun with me in my truck everywhere, we sleep arm in arm on my pillow for weekend naps, she eats all my favorite shoes, we go for long walks at night after dinner, she's always excited to see me. She loves me too. And how much she loves me doesn't even tip the ice berg of how much she loves Jim. I'm excited today that she is two. I'm not sure what it represents but it makes me stop and note how blessed I am to have this little beast in my life. Through Cleo and having a hunting dog we have met the nicest people. We have learned so much about a new hobby and spent allot of time enjoying life in the field hunting. But most of all we gained a beloved family member and true companion. 

Happy Birthday Nobelles Beautiful Cleopatra. :)

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