Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Monday, August 29, 2011

There's a Fungus Among Us

I'm back! I flew home from my business trip last night. My final connecting flight was rather terrifying but it all worked out. Jimmy brought Cleo to the airport to pick me up. Saying she was beside herself with excitement to see me would be a gross understatement. She practically threw herself onto me, pinned me down in the front seat while sitting on my lap with both paws on my shoulders while trying to make out with me. I could barely breath and all Jim could do was laugh. I was home!!

Cleo was like velcro all night and today after work we got to go for a well needed mom and dog child run in some fields.  The pic above is her locking up on point on a ground hog hole. Here's another angle. The pic is rather crappy since all I had was my celly.

A couple of weeks ago she caught a ground hog here and threw it all around. When I finally released her from point she ran around like she had been fired out of canon. That is until she found the giant mushrooms. She slowed down when saw the first one and literally jumped two feet in the air. I don't know what she thought they were but she sure was taken by surprise. After I stopped laughing at her I quick grabbed my I-phone and got a quick video of her checking them out. 


It was awesome to get to spend sometime with her tonight and I'm pretty sure she felt the same way. I missed her bunches. 

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  1. heh. she looks like my own hunting mutt. Except he is experienced enough to know what a mushroom is :) good capture of the video though