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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doggie Daylight Saving Blues

There is a saying that goes, "spring forward, fall back into depression," and it references the winter blues brought on by daylight savings. With shorter days and less sunlight some people get affected by a disorder known as SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. I mean lets be honest, for most of us going to work in the morning and coming home in the dark during the winter is a drag. I give it a big old Boo Hiss Boo!  But I'm pretty sure Cleo does too.

This is Cleo's "whatever...I'm just gonna flop down and sigh extra loud repeatedly 
till you entertain me" tantrum

Cleo gets legit bummed when daylight savings starts. By the time I get home its dark every night so there is no running through the park with me, no playing fetch after work, no swimming in local ponds, no after work doggie park play dates or farm field adventures. It's dark and I'm not loosing her or putting her in position to get in trouble when I can't adequately see her. All this minimized nightly activity results in lots of loud sighing and sassy back talk on her part.

Woo Woo Woof!! I want to do something fun!

So you could imagine my excitement last week while at Target shopping, when I found light up Sky Balls. Sky Balls are Cleo's favorite kind of balls. They are this crazy compressed plastic that I can wail through the backyard with a wiffleball bat. Their slippery so Cleo has the toughest time holding onto them which inadvertently makes playing fetch ten thousand times more fun. So apparently, to my delight, Sky Balls can be bought with bounce activated lights. Which means lots of playing fetch in the dark. Check out my crude I-Phone video below.

Lets just say Ms. Sassy pants is a very happy camper to be back to playing fetch after work with me. And before people get all worried about there being light up parts in her ball, she's never left unattended with it to chew it apart. And she plays with Maui balls all the time and never chews through them. But thats not to say that some dogs won't so don't go leaving your dog unattended to eat light up parts or anything.

Here's a pic of the light up ball when its not lit up. I bought her a blue one too because she's spoiled. 

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