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Sage Monkey

Monday, January 30, 2012

You say Tomato, I say Tomahto

Nobelles Scout on Point

You say backing, I say honoring. But what is it? Both terms describe a hunting dog that stops and acknowledges another dog on point. It's important if you ever plan on hunting your dog with other dogs. Nothing is worst than a dog that steals points. It's also important if you test or trial your dog in an event where honoring is required. Yesterday Jim and I drove to Sussex County, NJ to train with Bob Corsaro. We focused on backing because we are hoping to finish off Cleo's AKC Senior Hunt Title sometime this spring and it is a requirement.

We took turns having one dog go on point and then bringing the other dog up to honor. We are on private land so we can also flush and shoot the birds and have the dogs retrieve.

Cleo backing Scout

Scout retrieving

Cleo on point

Cleo cleared for landing!

When Cleo runs in an AKC event she isn't always running with another GSP so we not only worked Cleo with her brother Scout, but also with Rafael Franco's two Llewellyn Setters. He has three but only ran two today. They are such beautiful dogs and are a blast to photograph.

9 month old Biscuit

Cleo backing 9 month old Biscuit 


Biscuit and Caleb on the go

All three dogs on whoa

Cleo had a pretty decent day. She did some things well and needs to work on other things. But overall we made progress. 

Check us out Cleo's facebook page: Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer

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