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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dog Cave!

A big box was waiting on the doorstep when I got home from work tonight! I was so excited waiting for this to arrive. If you read the post It's been a hard day's night from last month you would know Cleo is snuggler. She loves to be in our bed completely covered by blankets. So I did a little research on the internet and this is what I found.....

The Cozy Cave Dog Bed!

It's a super plush dog bed and it has a top on it so she can burrow in and lounge away. When I pulled it out of the box she knew it was for her but she didn't get it at first. She kept biting the bed and trying to pull the top off of it. I actually climbed inside of it and as soon as I did she made the connection and burrowed in and pushed me out.

Still trying to figure it out and biting the top

I bought it online here. I got her an extra large because I know she likes to spread out. She's a medium sized dog at about 55 lbs but as I have stated in earlier posts she can take up an entire king size bed. And besides if I can fit in it it's plenty spacious. It cost $99.00 but the shipping was free and I had it in about 5 days. She seems to really like it so far! Epic Win!

Now that's a snuggly (and spoiled) dog!

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  1. I just love her new bed. My GSP girl would love a bed like that too!

  2. Yes!!!! I love this! My GSP has a "dog den" bed too! Shes loves to snuggle and gets very cold in the winter (and summer in the AC, for that matter) and we got her a very similar bed last year. We also have a doggie "sleeping bag" that we use when we're traveling or camping with her. :-)

    (I was having trouble trying to post with my wordpress account so I just switched to google -- sorry if you get multiple versions of this comment and my others on other posts!)