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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My new Logo!!

Over the last 8 months I have been on the hunt for a logo for my Byrd Dog Photography business. Having a logo is an important part of being branded in business and makes you more identifiable. Someone may not remember the name of your business but they will remember your logo. For instance when you think of McDonald's you think of those golden arches. Your logo goes on everything from sweatshirts to business cards to brochures to your website. It's your symbol. It's what represents you. What I discovered over this past 8 months is that it really matters who you choose to brand you and represent your identity to the world.

From the beginning the name that kept coming up during my research was that of Greg Blair. He not only came highly recommended to me but he had the experience and portfolio I was looking for. Greg not only has 20 years experience in design (10 of those years owning his own design firm in Milwaukee, WI) but he is also a dog lover and an upland hunter. I loved the fact that when I told Greg I wanted a GSP in my logo I didn't have to explain to him what one looks like. He already fact he owns one as well as two fine looking English Pointers.

Neenah Creek's Unanswered Prayer - Call name Rookie (13 years old)
1X NSTRA CH, 2005 Wisconsin Regional Champion
2006 Wisconsin Regional 2nd Runner-up

Blair's Bella Dancer - Call name Bella (4 years old)
American Field Placements

Blair's Highway Man - Call name Dan (3 years old)
American Field Placements

As long as Greg has been in design he has been hunting over dogs. To him there is nothing nicer than seeing a pointer run, point, and stand for the flush. He loves the whole package and I can relate to that. He loves hunting grouse and makes his way to North Dakota each year for sharptails or huns and also gets to Northern Wisconsin for ruffed grouse.

For anyone who owns a animal rescue, a kennel, a hunting club, a veterinaries office, a hunting preserve or anything related to the outdoor industry and you are looking for branding materials such as logos, brochures, or web design I highly recommend contacting Greg Blair. What he can offer you which many other designers can not, is he understands your audience because he is an active member of it. It's been my experience through this process that having someone who truly understands your end user is invaluable. Below are some examples of Greg's other logos. What you will notice is he has a simple, clean style to his designs. He lets strong, bold graphics convey the desired message to the marketplace.

I'm not trying to pigeonhole Greg as he does logos and branding for all kinds of business's not just the dog related industry. I can say from experience he is a real pleasure to work with. If I ever need additional marketing material in the future he will be the person I contact. Feel free to check him out on his website or send him an email at I know you will be happy with the end result....I sure am!  

Some more examples of Greg's work:

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