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Sage Monkey

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puppy Update: One month in!

Looking back over the last 4 weeks life has changed so much....for the better of course. It's amazing the excitement a new puppy brings to your home as well as a severe lack of sleep. Jim and I may be picked up as Zombie extras for the A&E show The Walking Dead in lieu of its next season. God knows we've had enough practice since bringing home little Luna. Even though we seem to be chronically tired its worth every sleepy moment. Luna is an amazing puppy. She's sweet and silly and has quickly become Cleo's best friend and has won our hearts.

Since arriving Luna has doubled in size. At 11 weeks old she weighs just shy of 20 pounds. At this age Cleo was about 13 or 14 pounds. Her personality is really starting to shine. She is clearly a bush crapper. There will never be exposed field pooping for this pup. She wedges herself as far into bushes and trees as possible to do her business. She grunts the entire time she craps which is actually nice since at night you can hear her doing her thing under the need to check, you know she's good. Lol. And she coos....alot. She loves to sleep on Jim or mine's chest or buried deep into the crook of an arm. She sighs and coos every few minutes almost like a cat would purr. She's happy and I'm pretty sure she loves it here.

Napping on big sis

We've been working hard on the "come" command and she is picking it up well. She has been wearing a 20 foot lead when out in the yard, if we say "come" we only say it once and if she doesn't listen she gets a tug on the lead and comes running. Jim and I both know there is no point in yelling a command if we know she won't obey or we can't get her too. She's progressing along nicely. She knows the "kennel up" command and has now realized it kinda sucks. She knows she's getting put in her crate and tries to escape! She will sit for  treats. She waits to be let out of her crate and waits to be fed. And saying "Let's go do our business" sends her and Cleo charging for the back door. 

She does suffer from legit puppy A.D.D tho. For instance her and Cleo could be wrestling up a storm, in the middle of a bona fide fight and they will slam into the food bowl. Luna will stop and then be like...ohhhhh, time to eat. She forgets about playing and stuffs her face. Or if she munching on a bone and you start to rub her she melts into you like the bone never existed. Her short attention span has helped greatly with getting her mind off of our cats.

My baby....Cleo. Love her so much. 

Even though I am so proud of what Luna has learned over the past month the baby I'm most proud of is our Cleopatra. She has really taken to her new role. She loves Luna. She spends every second trying to find something to get her to play with. She lets Luna abuse her and chew on her. When we come home all she cares about is getting that puppy out of her crate. I'm really thankful she has responded well because had she not it would have made this experience a much different one.

Cleo holds bumpers, balls, antlers, bones, pig ears for the pup to chew

But really all Luna wants to do is chew Cleo's face. Screw the bumper..... 

Luna is obsessed with my socks and underwear. But I'm pleased to announce she eats Jim's shoes too. I know I shouldn't be happy about that but I am. No one tell Jim, Ok? Lol. Below are some more pics of Cleo and Luna in action.

Not much to say about this one...

Cleo's got a shadow!!

Cleo awaiting the next puppy sneak attack
 And here it comes!

Check back, this coming weekend we are training with the Del Val Chapter of NAVHDA to help get Cleo ready for her upcoming UT test!! And be sure to like us on facebook at: Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer

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