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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Puppy Update Week 3: The Curious Case of The Great Houdini Puppy

Luna rarely cries in her kennel if you can believe it. At night she settles right in as if she's content to rest. Her and Cleo keep a pretty high level of activity so at bedtime she's pretty pooped. She does however have a tough time making it through the night consistently without having to go potty. A couple of times a week she will wake up and cry to go outside to do her business. If we take her out she's pees right away and goes quietly back to bed in her kennel. If we ignore her we wake up to a wet kennel. Some nights she sleeps till morning without waking to go potty.

Monday night at 2pm Luna began crying in her kennel. I woke up and practically sleep walked down the hall in to the spare room, plucked her from her kennel and stumbled out into the moonlight to let her do her business.  She pee'd and in we went. I snuggled her for a moment before returning her to her kennel and off I went back to sleep. At 6am Jim got up and we heard Luna cry. Jim opened the door and to his surprise Luna was sitting in the hallway outside our door!! Eek!!! I must not have locked her cage properly or she pulled a Houdini and busted out. I have a feeling I just didn't lock her cage well enough. So either she stayed in her kennel till morning or had full run of the house for 4 hours. Guess we'll never know. But she didn't go potty anywhere and didn't destroy anything. But I definitely got the stink eye from Jim all morning. Oops! Lol.

Luna is now 10 weeks old. She has doubled in size and is beginning to get leggy. Now that she's taller she can get into Cleo's food bowl and its been quite a challenge trying to keep her out of Cleo's kibble and vice versa. Cleo has developed a propensity for puppy chow. Luna has also picked up an assortment of nicknames. She's been dubbed Luna Lu, Lu Lu and my personal favorite Short Round which is what Indiana Jones called his kid sidekick in the Temple of Doom. It was my favorite movie when I was 7. In fact one time in second grade I had to stand in the corner because I wouldn't stop humming the Indiana Jones theme song in Mrs. Silverman's reading class.

We also gave Luna a restrained live chukar this week. She had been excited about the dead one we gave her the week before but this was so much more exciting for her. We made sure it was restrained so it couldn't pop her in face with a wing.

Jim took the chukar and would drag it about 8 or 10 feet without Luna seeing it. We would watch her start to use her nose and pretty soon she would find it. You could actually see her using her natural abilities. It was pretty neat to witness.

Jim dispatched the chukar and used it for fetch with Cleo. The last couple of times she retrieved in the field she would readjust halfway back to Jim so he wanted to use a freshly killed chukar to throw for her. She did great and did not drop it at all. Jim also threw the dead chukar out for Luna to see what she would do and she would bring it back. It was so cute.

Cleo retrieving

Little Luna bringing the chukar to Jimmy

Cleo has training this weekend. We have alot of work to start on to get her ready for her UT test this fall. It will also be fun to get Luna started too once she is a bit older. I'm amazed at how much I love having two dogs. 

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  1. This is so amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing with us. I have a Houdini too....never stayed in his crate...