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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Tale of Two Dog Beds and One Ill Behaved GSP

A picture is worth a thousand words...and a wine slushy or two
Thursday night I came home from work to discover a class five tornado had touched down in my living room. Please take note that Cleo the innocent one in the back, had her ears down. As the eldest sassy GSP she knew the shit was about to hit the fan. Luna-cifer, the guilty as hell one, stood there proud like she was saying (in my best Thor voice), "Look what I have created!!!" She is totally oblivious that destroying the new dog bed was wrong in any way. I can only imagine how much fun she must have had. I envision her barking at it while intermittently flinging saw dust laden stuffing everywhere while her short little tail wagged in glee. What a jerk. While rummaging through the stuffing I also found the remnants of the cat food plate in there. If only they had gotten their little spotted paws on some alcohol it would have been a frat party scene from Animal House.

So what does one do when their puppy is vibrating from all the pent up energy? You let them out into the yard to run laps while you clean up the mess. I still stand firm that this is quite possibly the best video I have ever taken. Fingers crossed I could win an Oscar for this....Best Director of a Dramatic Animal Documentary. 

All of this is a result of them not getting out to run. It was raining at the end of last week and everything was a mud pit. It all comes down to simple math. BORED GSP's + NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE = DESTRUCTION. On the other hand TIRED GSP's = HAPPY GSP's (which is the equivalent of happy owners). Now that we have that out of the way there is no excuse for the next picture which sent me into profanity laden fits.

This is why I drink.....well not really. But more importantly WHAT THE HECK LUNA!??!

This was an old dog bed I threw into the same spot as the new one Luna destroyed so she would still have something to lay on.  It lasted four days. FOUR DAYS!!! And then she destroyed it after having spent 5 hours running like a banshee at daycare WHILE Jim was home. Cleo just laid there idly watching her have her way with it. So time for some new math: LUNA + DOG BED = JERK. So I told Jim no more dog beds in that spot....which funny enough is her spot. So now she lays happily on the floor in the spot where her dog beds used to be or squeezes into Cleo's dog cave with her. But there has been no more destruction since...well she destroyed all her dog beds and we haven't replaced them. She hasn't even attempted to maim anything else in the house. She is such a quirky little pup. So she's officially on dog bed probation for the next month. Maybe she'll get off early with good behavior but judging by historical prior wrongs....I highly doubt it. :)

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  1. Oh my!! Crazy Luna-tic I truly think Elsie reads this blog to get inspiration for some of the stunts she pulls.

  2. I LOVE your video. Oh my gosh I am so glad someone else has a LUNATIC like my Gretel who, just when I think she is 'growing out of chewing/stealing my stuff/jumping/pulling on the leash/digging/etc/etc/etc'... does it AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!!! I love your blog. I wonder if they ever grow out of this stuff!!!