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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trailers, AKC Hunt Tests and Missing Food from the Counter....Oh My.

When you start posting pics of trailers, campers or RV's on facebook or on blogs it means your hunting dog obsession has reached new unhealthy heights and you should maybe invest in an therapist induced intervention. Just sayin.

We got a new toy!!! Yay! Jimbo and I have talked about getting a trailer for years and finally pulled the trigger through dog obsessed justifications. It's remotely similar to when we had always discussed buying kayaks but could never justify the purchases till we HAD to get one for duck searches. We may be heading up to the Catskills to an AKC test at the end of the month for our maiden voyage! Boom!

Cleo calls top bunk!!

The back of the trailer pushes out to an entire king sized bed to open up the living spaces of the trailer. You can see it in the photo above. The pointer sisters seem to be all about the bunks at the other end of the trailer but I have no doubt they will be squeezing in with us at night. We should all start taking bets how long it takes for Luna to wreck something in the trailer and for me to melt down like Chernobyl. 

***Cleo is not a mountain goat although she would argue that statement. She did not leap onto the top bunk. I picked her 60lb spotted ass up and shoved her up there because it made her happy. Mainly just because her little sister couldn't get up there. #OlderSiblingsAreJerks***

Bone Buddies. Cleo and her daddy Maximus.

Hunt test season is upon us again! To kick things off proper this year we had some well enjoyed company with Bob G and his two GSP's Maximus (Cleo and Luna's dad) and Ms. Bonnie G. The whole crew spent the night at our place last Saturday to lessen their drive up to the Hunt Test in Weatherly, PA on Sunday. We had an AWESOME time kicking back, enjoying some cold ones and watching the dogs roll each other around the yard. After spending two days with Maximus it's apparent that Cleo is not only his clone in the field but in the house as well. Now I know where she inherited the mystical art of counter surfing. 

Hmmmmm. One side doesn't look like the other side. How peculiar.  

In all fairness Bob warned me that Max was a bit food motivated but I completely forgot (let's blame it on the wine) and wandered away from the kitchen for about 2 minutes while making dinner. I returned to a half barren cutting board and an extra attentive GSP. Max managed to stuff his spotted face with approximated 1 1/2 chopped tomatoes and 3/4 of a sliced cucumber in probably a quarter second. Five bucks says he didn't even enjoy it. The main thing I gathered from this experience......Max doesn't like broccoli. Next time have less cucumbers and tomatoes and double the broccoli. I'll show him who's boss. :)

 Some AKC MH bling for Cleo

Cleo passed her first of five required MH braces so I'd like to say that we are well on our way to an AKC Master Hunt Title! I couldn't be more excited or proud of our girl.

Cleo on point with Jim walking in to flush. She held this point for a very long time.

Luna honoring her bracemate Maggie in the back field

Luna sadly struck out but at the age of 14 months we were far from disappointed. She ran fantastic staying steady through the shot, retrieved to hand and honored staunchly several times in the backfield. She got picked up in the bird field for not honoring but it was kind of an odd situation. Which brings me to my main gripe about AKC Hunt Tests....the judges often create / force these odd situations in the bird field and often discount what happened in the back field although it happened in a more realistic hunting situation. But regardless the judges were very impressed with how well Luna did considering how young she is to be running at that level. It was also a good reminder that when competing in these tests your essentially playing a game and it's not like hunting at all. I have no doubt Luna Lu will have her own MH ribbon bling within the next couple of weeks. Bob's female Bonnie also qualified for her first of six required braces. The weekend was an epic win.

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  1. I totally love your blog. You inspire me and make me laugh out loud! Gretel is only 10 months and the light of my life. I hope she will be hunting soon, but regardless, they are such fun. You have a gift for writing -- keep it up !

  2. Luna running Master Robyn? GRATS on the MH Pass on Cleo!

  3. Luna is a natural backing fool. Something weird must have went on for her not to lock up. If that's the only portions she had a problem with, she will sail thru the MH. Congrats on Cleo's pass.

  4. Great blog about you and especially Cleo and Luna. Congratulations Cleo on your 1st MH passing. Beautiful girls. Thanks for the update :-)

  5. I am a big fan of shorthairs. Congrats on the MH pass. We have only done JH work so far, but hope to get on to Master work later this year. You sure have some beautiful german shorthairs. Keep up the good work.