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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Anatomy of Holiday Puppy Photo Shoot

Warning: Cuteness Overload!! 
SEASONS GREETINGS!!! My gift to you readers this festive season is oodles of cute GSP Puppy holiday inspired photos! Regular followers of this blog and corresponding facebook page are well aware that I occasionally (ok...more than occasionally) dress up our two German Shorthaired Pointers in some bizarre holiday attire. It's become a tradition since I first dressed Cleo up as the Elusive Easter Pointer several years ago. Since then both Cleo and Luna have been adorned in sparkly Tutu's, Snorkle name it. 

Santa is looking a little extra dapper this year

I knew this year I would have a rare opportunity considering Cleo blessed us with 8 beautiful puppies 4 weeks ago. I started buying props and outfits weeks before the pups had even whelped. Jim feels its incorrigible behavior but lets be's just fantastic planning.

I solicited the help of my best buddy Jackie Secan (The Thelma to my Louise) to give me a hand and be my primetime puppy stager. Jim was thrilled Jackie was in town to help me and he used it as an opportunity to retreat to the safety of the woods with Cleo and Luna in tow.

This is Sleepy.  The less well known 10th reindeer.

I'd like to note that having a puppy stager is invaluable because there is no way to get quality shots without some help. When dealing with adult dogs I can whoa them and bribe them with tasty treats. With little puppies you are completely at their mercy. So for all the decent shots you manage to capture there are just as many awful ones. I've included a few bloopers below for your amusement. 

Sometimes you get photobombed

The talent can walk off the set

This is what happens when Santa's sleigh goes from zero

to sixty (Hold on to your britches)

Wardrobe malfunctions can and do occur

And the talent can fall asleep

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Be sure to check us out and follow our shenanigans on facebook at Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer.

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  1. Cute pictures.Got to love those GSP puppies. So happy for you that Cleo recovered well. We suffered with you even though my wife and I live a long way off.