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Sage Monkey

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Ms. Helper....

There was no training this weekend for Cleo. I'm lamenting. Cleo is in season so we chose not to go to our local NAVDHA chapter training sessions because of it. So we utilized the time to get some much needed TLC done on our house. Jimmy and I bought this house a little over a year ago and the house had been vacant for 5 plus months and was in the begining stages of foreclosure. In the past year we knocked the house down to studs and re-vamped the entire interior. The exterior however has been completly ignored and the house has still looked "vacant" on the outside since we owned it. Pretty sure our neighbors hate us.

So instead of dog training we spent 12 hours a day in the cold sanding, painting, hanging shutters, hanging lights, ripping out trees and bushes and chasing Cleo down to get all of our stuff back. Cleo was thrilled to be outside all weekend and she took it as an opportunity to torture us by steeling and running off with all of our tools and supplies.

That's okay...painters tape works just as well with a plethora of 
dog teeth holes in it...said no one ever. 

So Cleo ate my tape. Her tooth holes made it impossible to get more than an inch of usable tape at a time. It just proves she has legit jerky tendencies. To back up that sentiment she stole and ran off with the following objects over the weekend: All the hardware for our new shutters, an entire container of white semi-gloss exterior paint, my gloves, the packet of screws for the new outside lights, some papertowels, Jim's gloves, the instructions for the new outside lights, the instructions for the new shutters, an entire package of screws that she dumped across the yard (could be scary come lawnmowing time), my paint brush and more than one paint mixer stick. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if i'm foregetting some stuff too.

Cleo getting her ass chewed out by Jimbo for running off with instructions

Cleo with stolen papertowel shreds

I'm sure why your reading this your saying, "Well, why didn't you put things out of reach?" Who knew she came preprogrammed to climb ladders as well as find birds. Cleo would purposely wait until I was holding a shutter and Jim was drilling it into the the brick or siding and climb three rungs on a ladder and take off. We would helplessly watch her frolic through the yard destroying our stuff before we could drop what we were doing and go run her down. She would wait until I was holding up lighting and Jim was wirining while she would rip gloves or instructions out of our pockets!! Sassface of the highest order.

Cleo is diabolical. Each morning before we started work she got run out in some fields and Jim worked force fetch with her. She should have been tired and content but instead choose to use her time like Lex Luther would have and tried to sabotage us. In the end we lost at least an hours worth of work each day but she did make it entertaining as hell. We would scold her but we would laugh to each other watching her do laps around the front yard with our stuff. Hopefully next weekend we will be back to training. We need it and she needs it.

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