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Sage Monkey

Thursday, March 31, 2011

When it rains it....

Cleo's not a big fan of the rain. In fact she doesn't like to go outside in the rain at all....unless she's hunting then she doesn't seem to mind so much. I can tell it bums her out. She sits by the back door and taps the glass like she does when she wants to go out. When you walk over to open the door she refuses leave the house. When you walk away she taps the glass again. It just continues like that all night. When she does have to go outside to do her business she wants you to go with her. It drives me nuts. She has all this hyper-active GSP energy and no way to release it inside. She's like lightening in a bottle. So on rainy days I do what any self respecting dog mom does....I take her to Petsmart.

Cleo in Petsmart is an event. She gets so excited she practically drags me up to the entrance. Once inside she must smell and inspect everything, everyone and every dog. She gets so over stimulated inside that she looses all traction on the linoleum floor. She looks like she's wearing rollerskates. It's pretty amusing. I made the mistake a few months back (on a rainy night of course) to let her pick her own toys. Boy was that poor decision making at its best. Now she rips animals out of the bins and off the walls. She picks the toys I put in my basket out. She LOVES it. It's her Chuckie Cheese. If untethered she'd tear that place apart in about 5 minutes. We of course always make our way over to the bird section. I know that's questionable parenting. I always feel it's a tad bit shameful but she likes the birds!! What can I say? Those little kids in the isle don't know what she wants do to with them they just think it's neat she has spots. Anyway below is a picture of Cleo's new loot:
She got the jolly ball which has a rope attached to it. On a nice sunny day I'll punt this across the yard and watch her shake the ever living crud out of it. It should be a real crowd pleaser. Three Kong squeaker balls and a 4 foot double headed snake with rattles and squeakers inside. These are the perfect items to keep her occupied tonight.
That's a happy GSP crazed look.
Watching her happily play with her new toys always make the parents glares in the bird isle so worth it. :)

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