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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sticky Situation

What makes a person choose what they like? Have you watched trick or treaters at Halloween? You hand a bowl full of candy to a group of little children and ask them to pick what they like. Some kids go for the twizzlers, others kids want chocolate bars, if your like Jim I have to hide the bag of Snickers so those trick or treaters actually get to have them as an option. Everybody has preferences and has some type of internal system for making decisions on what they like or want. I don't think dogs are any different. Cleo's lucky, she gets to have Halloween almost every day. Her special treat??? Sticks. 

I remember when was Cleo was just a few months old and I would walk her through the neighborhood she would always pick a stick up in neighbors yard and carry it home to chew on. She still does this today. She will choose a gigantic stick and drag it 1/2 mile home. I have no idea why but it sure makes her happy. She also is very picky about which sticks she chooses. I can't be sure of the exact process she uses but I imagine it goes something like this:

Find a big stick and chew on it for awhile in a really awkward position.
Then take it for a test drive to see how it does.
Then lay down because all the victory laps you took lugging it around the yard made you tired. Now....lets destroy it.
Lets find a better stick and by that I mean a longer, bigger stick.
And of course we have to take that for a test spin too.
And then spin around with it like a helicopter.
And then charge mom and try to knock her down with it while its in our mouth!!! Yay!!!
But that stick clearly was not big enough. So of course lets make the next logical move. Tree branch. Seriously.
And just to keep with history lets take her for a spin.

Does anyone else's dog do this???  That's a legitimate tree branch. What a spunky little GSP.

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  1. My grandpas dog does this every time he sees a stick with just about the same steps. If we have a stick its no longer ours its his, then we end up chasing him because we actually needed the stick.