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Sage Monkey

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cleo gets some new bling - Tri-Tronics Pro 100 G3 Collar and Avery Water Dog Vest

Did you check out that slick black collar on that cute spotted model? Cleo graduated from the little kids e-collor to the big's girls collar. Two weeks ago Jimbo ponied up and bought Cleo the Tri-Tronics Pro 100 G3.  Until this point we were using the Tri-Tronics Sport Junior G3 which had suited our needs just fine. I will say that it was a great first collar and we have no regrets purchasing it. But considering that we will be getting Otis (the male Nobelle's GSP puppy we have a deposit on) this coming spring we felt an upgrade was in order. The transmitter for the Pro 100 can control up to three dog collars and it has way more bells and whistles.

Another angle of Cleo with her new swank collar
The transmitter for the Pro 100 G3. 

Jim in the field rocking the new transmitter. He's one sexy be-otch. 

Cleopatra also got another sweet hook-up this week too. I bought her an insulated water vest. I purchased it from Ugly Dog Hunting. We will use it when we take Cleo duck hunting later this year. I decided to buy it now because in a few weeks I will be taking Cleo with me to my Aunt Gail and Uncle Sherman's lake house in Western Maryland and I wanted her to have it. Mainly because the vest comes with handles so if we are out on the lake and she wants to go overboard for a quick swim I can use the handles on the vest to lift her out of the water.

The vest is made by Avery Sporting dog. It's a really nice vest. It's nicely manufactured, it zippers and Velcros, has extra straps for sizing and the handles are reinforced. I also love that printed on the inside of the vest there is an entire dissertation on Dog Hypothermia. See that below. Beside it came with it's own little hanger which I felt was hilarious.

So stylin. Doggie couture. 

That look on her face is saying, "For the love of god stop taking my picture...the neighbors three legged cat is in our bushes, I've gotta go."

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