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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekend in Review: GSP Playdate, Squirrel Chasing, and Walking at Heel

Gunner running down Cleo

This was kind of a crazy weekend for Jim and I. Normally for the fourth of July weekend we always go to my parents shore house in Cape May, NJ. This year we were thrown for a loop. Last week Jim lost the vision in his right eye. To make a long story short he fully detached his retina, which when it separated from his eye it tore a large macular hole rendering him completely blind in his right eye. He had surgery this past Thursday where they were able to successfully reattach his retina. They also removed his eye fluid and replaced it with a gas which helps heal the macular hole. He is still blind in his right eye and will be for approximately 5 weeks until the gas absorbs into his body. Until this occurs we will not know how much of his sight he will regain. Needless to say we laid low this weekend and stayed local. Luckily for us our friend Jackie Secan invited us over on Saturday for a little GSP get together which was a much needed aversion from current events.

Cleo and Gunner in a game of chase

Cleo was quite a sassy brat face at Jackie's. She is always vocal but had no issues being barky in the boys faces. Lucky for us the boys pretty much paid zero attention to her intermittent crabbiness and after a few minutes they were getting along just fine.

We did notice that Drake is the great mediator. Anytime Cleo and Gunner got together for a tussle Draken would appear out of nowhere and shove himself in the middle. He's kinda like the Teddy Roosevelt of GSP's.

A handsome Drake - free of his cone

Gunner and Drake Bookends

Jim aka Cyclops, aka Captain Jack Sparrow getting some kisses from Gunner

Cleo and Gunner taking turns whizzing on Jackie's plants....

Eventually the dogs wore themselves out. Which for any other GSP owner knows takes a small miracle. Once the kiddies were pooped it left us plenty of time to drink some booze, tell some lies and eat some delicious snacks Jackie whipped up.  

Gunner in a puppy coma
 Cleo in one as well

Sunday was a slow day for us as well considering Jim is on lock down. Cleo spent the morning obsessing over some squirrels at the bird feeders. She eventually developed some patience....god knows where that came from and she just camped out under the tree they escape too. Within 20 minutes the squirrels returned and she came very close to bagging one. The whole thing reminded me of her sister Kona and her squirrel addiction. Read about Kona here: Nobelles Brewed to Perfection: Call name Kona

Later in the day we set up some stakes and Jim walked Cleo through at heel. This is in preparation of the NAVHDA Utility Test. This is the only thing Jim is allowed to do as far as training the dog for the next few weeks. We are still going to be working her but I'm just going to have to take a greater role until he's got the go ahead from the surgeon. She did really well with it and after they were finished she went and laid by the stakes until we came out and gave her snuggles. Such a silly doggie.

Jim and Cleo lovies

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