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Sage Monkey

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year in Review

2011 was an interesting year but then again I guess they all are. In terms of dogs for us it was a huge year that was full of lessons learned. Some more enjoyable than others. For instance, I learned Cleo is more apt to eating my favorite shoes when I'm home rather than when I'm not. This lesson has hopefully been truly learned and I won't be taking any remediation courses in 2012.

Compliments of Spottyrella - AKA Ill behaved Cleo

In all seriousness I started this blog 364 days ago on January 1st, 2011. Tomorrow my blog turns one and Jim and I are celebrating it by doing the same thing we did last year to kick it off. Were taking Cleo hunting. No doubt I will be hungover. No doubt I will take a zillion pictures and no doubt I will be excited to share the whole experience with you. I do believe that this is a new tradition for Jim and I, the New Years Day Hunt. I can't think of a better way to christen the New Year.

Since starting this blog it has taken on a life of its own. In June the blog got an extension of its self on facebook. Cleo got her own page title Adventures of German Shorthaired Pointer. The facebook page allows me to capture her spontaneous antics and quickly share when blog posts are published. It's also a great way to interact with people who love their quirky GSP's. Please check us out and "Like Us" if your on facebook.

I thought it would be fun for me to share with all of you some of this blogs analytics. The month I started this blog I had a whopping 83 hits. That has grown quite a bit with my highest month, November totalling  1,714 hits. The month of December was a very close second so were moving in the right direction. There was a total of 97 posts in 2011 with the most being written in May and the least in November.  The top 10 countries that visit this blog are the following: #1. The USA, #2. Canada, #3. The UK, #4. Germany, #5. Russia, #6. Australia, #7. South Africa, #8. France, #9. Netherlands, and #10. Greece. That's not to say we don't get lots of other welcome visitors from all over the world.

Our little party animal screaming Happy New Year!! Guess we should 
have told her we don't do that till midnight...

Although I can't see who you are or where your from I can tell how you got here. Some of you have landed here through hunting dog forums, email links, facebook and a good portion of you through search engines. When you land here from a search engine I get to see what key words you put in to find me. Lots of you are looking for the GSP Hunting Dog Blog so that's great news! But believe it or not lots of you get here because you wanted to know what that awful smell emitting from your GSP's butt we all know those are anal glands and they probably need to be squeezed. Allot of you wanted to know if you could hunt a GSP while its in heat....and the answer is of course you can. Some of you got here by looking up dog biscuit recipes, the NAVHDA Utility Test, GSP's gone bad, GSP heat cycles, info on AKC hunt tests, how to get your GSP to stop eating your shoes, and the list goes on and on.    

But regardless of how you got here, I'm glad your here. I hope you got something out of this blog and if you haven't yet keep coming back because hopefully you will. I have some great ideas for 2012, and Jim and I will have a busy year finishing Cleo's AKC Senior Hunt Title, starting her on Master Hunter and running her in a NAVHDA Utility Test and we are of course getting a new puppy in April. We will have our hands full. I hope your here for the roller coaster ride.

That first hat was just for the pre-party

I love when I get feedback and emails from readers so feel free to comment and or email me at But thanks for sticking around, 2011 was great and I know 2012 will be better.  Be sure to stop back tomorrow and hear how our hunt went. And most importantly, please have a safe New Years Eve. Enjoy yourself tonight and when you wake up hungover tomorrow be sure to look forward to another year of experiences and all the opportunity it will hopefully bring. Happy New Year from Jim and I and of course Cleo.

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