Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And then there was one....

Gunny and Cleo

A short while ago I dropped Gunny Boo off with Momma Secan. I have to say the closer we got to the drop off point the sadder I got. Gunny was a good house guest the last 5 days. We've all gotten pretty attached to him. However, I am excited to not share my half of the bed with him tonight. Sticking with true GSP form he is an all encompassing bed hog. But I'm sure Jackie will be ecstatic to have him back and hogging up her bed. He is a very good snuggler.

I do believe he had a good time while he was here. He got to sniff butts and play at daycare with Cleo and her buds. Everyday he got to waste himself running through fields and woods. He slept every night in our bed under the covers with his head on my chest. We loved him like he was ours. Cleo I think is sad he isn't here either. She looked for him when I came back solo.  Below are some pics of them running their hearts out yesterday. 

Gunny's idea of exiting the woods and entering the field

At least Cleo will get a pick me up tomorrow. Jim and her are guiding a hunt for a friend and his 11 year old son tomorrow at Powderbourne Pheasant Preserve. I know Jim is looking forward to getting to work her. I'm jealous I have to work and can't go. Hopefully he'll take some pics of their bounty so check back for updates!

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