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Sage Monkey

Monday, December 26, 2011

Two's Company!

My girlfriend Jackie owns that funny back sleeper on the left. She's out of town for the holidays in Kentucky with her beau so Jim and I are watching her GSP Gunner for five days. We are currently on day 3.

They've been doing really well together. There's been a fair bit of wrestling, snuggling, face biting and lots of tug-o-war. Gunny seems to have really taken to me so Cleo has been a little jealous of me giving him loves and snuggles. If Gunny's sitting with me then she is too. Is pretty entertaining to be the most popular person in the house all of a sudden. Until sleepy's been a struggle sleeping at night with two 55 lb spotted monstrosities jockeying for position on you.

Christmas Eve GSP Pile

It's been awhile since we have dog sat another GSP so it's been nice to see how well Cleo has adjusted to having another dog here all the time. One of the reasons I was so eager to watch Gunny for 5 days was I thought it would give me an opportunity to see what life is like with two dogs. AND because I love my friend Jackie. She's the Thelma to my Louise.

Jim and I have a deposit on another Nobelles puppy who should be born around Valentines day in 2012.  I realize that this experience will be different than one with a puppy mainly because she (the puppy) will be raised with the same set of commands as Cleo, she will be taught from 8 weeks old to leave the cats alone ect. But I give Gunny mad props for adjusting so well to how we do things and I think we have adjusted pretty well to using the commands he is familiar with. We took them to some fields on Christmas just to run them out. Both dogs heeled phenomenally together and both listened great.

Tag team squirrel hunting

Car Ride!!

A little video of them in action

Gunny Boy is funny dude. I'm pretty sure his favorite game is keep away. He loves to bait Cleo into chasing him. He humps folded up dog beds with zeal and gusto. He loves to sleep on his back and sings when he gets up in the morning. He LOVES kisses and pees on everything. He shows zero interest in my one cat and I'm pretty sure he wants to eat the other one. Personally I think its because Jackie told him the brown one scratched her once when she slept over. 

Jackie - That's the brown cat talking trash for trying to get him killed! :)

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