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Sage Monkey

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Beautiful Day of Spring Training!

Cleo on Point

We had a hectic weekend and were not able to make it to New Jersey to train this weekend so we stayed local and managed to find sometime to train ourselves. Jim got permission from the farmer behind his mom's house to use his fields to train in. We had an awesome time and Cleo did phenomenal.  One of the things we focused on was her honoring. So how do you practice honoring when you only have one dog??? A couple of weeks ago Jim had one of his artistically blessed students make an outline for us of a Brittany on point. Jim transferred it onto plywood, crudely painted it and Woody was born!

Meet Woody

Woody has made a huge difference in Cleo's honoring. While we were working her today as soon as she saw him even at a full out run she would stop on her own. Jim and I were elated.

Woody on Point

Cleo stopping on a dime on her own and honoring Woody

Since its been so hard to get birds lately we planted some pigeons. When she would point them we would kick around just like they have you do at her AKC tests, then we would flush and fire a cap gun. She stayed steady on every bird. 

Cleo on point

Cleo watching the pigeon fly off

Jim after he unhooked the pigeons wings and let it fly

Jim also brought a dead bird with us and used it to throw out and have her fetch it. She had no issues and brought every bird to hand. We had originally planned on doing a duck drag and putting out stakes to work on her heeling for her UT test but we were tight on time and we forgot to thaw out a duck. Jim will work on those things with her sometime this week. 

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