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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Puppy Play Date!

Stella and Cleo

Last night Cleo had a puppy play date with the sweetest 15 week old GSP! Stella is owned by Keith Ehling and Stephanie Raieta. Keith and I went to high school together and set up the play date on facebook a couple of weeks ago. Prepare to be inundated with adorable puppy pics!

Look at that cute face!

Get her Stella!!

Stella is adorable. She has a sassy little attitude and didn't take any of Cleo's crap. Just for fun we gave Ms. Stella Bella a pheasant wing and it took about 2 seconds for her to realize she didn't want to share it with any other spotted dogs.  There is some prey drive in that little bugger! I was impressed with how well she listened.  She spent almost the entire time off leash and checked back in.

I loved getting to see Stella in action. I completely forgot over the past 2 years how cute it is to watch little puppies hop and run. I love how off balance and spontaneous they are. Only two more weeks until we get Cleo's little sister!! Then Stella will have someone to pick on her own size. 

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