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Sage Monkey

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Anatomy of Digging a Damn Good Hole in Daddy's Yard

Digging holes is hard work. So is constantly filling them....just ask my boyfriend Jim and he will tell you. In the almost 3 years we have had Cleo she has only ever dug one hole in the backyard. She would stick her toys in it, drive me crazy drinking muddy water out of it and would wedge her spotted butt in it when it was hot out. As far as dogs go I'm pretty sure she loved that hole. Little Luna had even gotten into loving that stupid old hole as well. But most importantly Cleo never dug more than that one hole. Then about 4 weeks ago Jim filled it in in anticipation of his daughter Samantha's college graduation party. And now? Well now we have tag team hole diggers. The dogs have spoken Jim!! They want their hole back. Pretty sure they are starting a war and this how it begins:

First things first....go over to where Dad has planted new grass and dig a hole there. 

When he gets mad and fills it (after berating me for not stopping it because I was too busy taking Dog-a-razzi pictures) go dig another one on the other side of the yard. But this time make it big enough to catch a lawn mower tire. Genius. And clearly well thought out might I add.

Send in Shortround to get the hole started. Be sure to use the shovel method to move the most amount of dirt as possible.

The hole needs to be well rounded to optimize fighting space for later so be sure to shovel dig from all angles.

When you start to get too tired just lay on your side and continue digging. There apparently are quotas to be met.

And if you have to take a break make sure you stay hydrated and have a snack. 
**Note: Chewing like a cow is not required. It's just how Lulu does things**

And then finally bring in the big guns to make sure the job is getting done right.

It's all about team work.

I tried to reason with them. Told them Jimbo was gonna be unhappy. (Clearly this is a lie....I would have told them "no" but to Jim's credit I was too busy being the Dog-a-razzi. Someone has to document these things). Anyway, this hole is just one of about four more. I tried to tell Jim they are doing this because he slighted them by messing with their hole. It's all about retribution people.

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  1. Hahahahaha! This post is awesome. I literally laughed out loud when I got to the photo of Luna chewing like a cow. They are such naughty pups! Great pup-a-razzi documentation of the whole ordeal - especially Luna "bringing in the big guns."

  2. This is hilarious. I remember the first time we took our GSP to the beach it was like she thought she was at a magical land of hole digging.
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