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Sage Monkey

Monday, June 18, 2012

The GSP Puppy Chronicles: Kicking mischief up a notch

Luna(tic) has generously kicked up her A-game this week getting herself into as much trouble as possible. She is exponentially lucky to be so cute and even more blessed to have such pouty eyes. She is proving to be the handful I swore she wasn't. Oh silly naive me. I mean I guess I knew she had it in her since I wrote the The Puppy Chronicles: 12 Weeks old and looking for trouble. But still, she has managed to raise the bar. Please see below for some photographic proof of a few of her recent antics.

Exhibit A. - Aren't all welcome mats for chewing??
*Please note the lack of guilty face

Cleo loves to sun herself on the deck and in the yard. Now that we have Luna on the electric fence we have been letting her out there without a lead tie off to lay with her. Things have been going great so far. This weekend I walked inside to grab some water while Jim was working in the yard just feet away and when I had returned I found she had stolen the welcome mat, flipped it upside down and began deconstructing it. Please note all the shredded bits of mat in the background. I told her no....told her to "leave it" and put the sad and shredded mat back where it goes until I can pick up a new one this week. About 20 minutes later she grabbed it and made a mad dash across the yard with it. She had that look in her eye like Thelma and Louise did when they were running from the cops. So of course I run after her yelling like a fool trying to reclaim my tattered mat. I have no doubt that I am the "entertaining neighbor".

Exhibit B. Trash tastes delicious. Especially when its BBQ. 
*Please note Luna still licking the driveway.

Jim's daughter just recently graduated from Ursinus College and we threw her a graduation party this past weekend. It left us with a surplus of trash that we couldn't all fit into the containers we have. We knew it could be a gamble but Cleo has never been a trash picker and we prayed Luna would follow suit. So Jim and I finally sat down to relax yesterday from the cleanup and within minutes we heard a clinking noise. We rolled our eyes and trotted off around the side of the house to find both dogs feasting on hot wing, rib and pulled pork trash left overs. Pretty sure that equates to dog heaven. Cleo just looked at us like, "What? She pulled it all out.....". As an aside Jim later harassed me over the fact I took this picture instead of helping him pick up all the food. I told him it was in the name of blog journalism.....I have an obligation to report the truth. I'm pretty sure he flared his nostrils at me. 

Exhibit C. - The straw that broke the camels back

That was once a jade plant. A beautiful, healthy and very much alive jade plant. Luna(tic) managed to efficiently annihilate it in minutes while rubbing the dirt into my carpet and covering my freshly cleaned hardwoods with potting soil. On word for you. Jerk. Ok....two words. Dog Jerk. 

Allow me set the scene for you. Jim and I are snuggled on the couch watching the Nascar race. He gets up to get a drink and walks over to check on Luna and Cleo laying in the dining room chewing on each others faces.  Jim returns to the couch with Cleo in tow. 
Me: What's Luna doing in the dining room? Does she have a dog approved toy? (Aka she's not chewing on the legs of my antique Pennsylvania House cherry dining room table is she?)
Jim: Yes....I just gave her a dog bone.
(Two minutes and one beautiful jade plant life later) 
Me: Are you sure she's just chewing a bone?
Jim: (Eyes roll) Yes.
Me: Ugh.....I'm gonna go check.
(10 seconds later I see spotted hell puppy shaking her head violently with jade plant remnants in her mouth)
Me: LUNA!!!!!!!!!

I was mad but still managed to laugh at the absurd amount of destruction she had created. I don't think she even realizes that it was wrong. You know when you see those youtube videos of people busting their dogs doing inappropriate things and the dogs seems all remorseful and aware they messed up?? Yeah....not this dog. She's kinda proud like, "Look what I have created!" I have no idea what this will lead to. It makes me wonder what else she has up her sleeve. It also makes me worry that she will be the dog that after doing wonderfully and proving herself months from now that we will slowly let her not be crated during the day and then randomly one day we will come home to half a couch. I guess only time will tell. 

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  1. OMG, what a wonderful weekend Luna you said its a good thing they are as good looking and lovable as they are.
    Thanks for the puppy memories, I will continue to rescue adults. hahahaha

  2. One thing is certain, if you can't keep them busy, they'll find a way to entertain themselves! As a puppy, my Adam ate: my passport, the carpet in my bedroom, 2 door knobs, my hair drier, 7 pairs of shoes, my boyfriend's shoe laces and his underwear, the phone jack, 49 tulip bulbs and the flower pot that contained them, the shoe brush, a broom , 98 cotton balls, 3 pork pies that happened to be on the counter without surveillance, and finally, the "dog training" book!

  3. Don't let her out of the crate! We fell for the same thing when Molly was young and she met me at the door with a large piece of couch foam in her mouth. She too was all proud as hell of what she did. Thankfully it was one cushion that the store replaced.

  4. Wow....Vbrachetus, thats alot of stuff!! Sounds like you've been through the ringer!! Lol.

    Denise, Cleo didn't get full roam of the house until she was 14 months old and had throughly proved herself and even then it was for only 3 hours a day. Luna will be in the crate for as long as it takes. Lol.