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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puppy Chronicles: 17 weeks old and causing a ruckus

See that crazed look in her eye!?!?

Luna(tic) is officially 17 weeks old today. In the last few weeks her energy level has gone from light speed to ludicrous speed. And I'm praying we don't hit plaid soon.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm clearly quoting the movie Spaceballs, which is 1987 at its best by the way. We've quickly realized that it's getting harder and harder to wear her out.

The rips.....

Lulu gets herself in such a frenzy in the evening that she grabs a toy and rips around the yard like she's been possessed by a demon. Then she'll stop on the fly and start to dig a hole. She's like lightening in a bottle.  Her and Cleo will have epic face biting battles and although Luna now weighs 30 pounds (half Cleo's weight) she is still no match for her. Cleo will take and enormous amount of crap from her then finally snap and go stuff her in a bush. Please see exhibit A and B below.

Exhibit A: Luna getting what she had been asking for

Exhibit B: Luna getting in a couple good bites

In other news, last Tuesday we sent Luna to a half-day at doggie daycare for her first time. As a childless 30 year old chick the only thing I can imagine it to is dropping your kid off for their first day of kindergarten. I was all nervous about it and had a slew of questions and all this pointless info to give them. You would have thought by the way I was acting that these aren't the people who have watched Cleo twice a week for the past two years. They quietly nodded along and then slowly shooed me out. Needless to say she had a great time and I think it was really good for her to be with other dogs without Cleo around. She has since gone back twice.

We also just picked up her electric fence collar and have started training her too it. That's what that ugly green collar is in all the pictures. We have a little over an acre and half and Cleo is trained to one as well. Luna has picked it up wonderfully. Overall she has been so easy to train. It's been a blessing having Cleo fully trained and Luna just seems to follow suit. I couldn't ever imagine doing this and having their ages being closer together. Not to say they aren't a handful anyway.

Cleo doing laps

I thought that I would just throw in one more of Ms. Sassy Spots, AKA Cleo doing her own spastic laps around the yard. Also Cleo is back in heat. I'm sure I'll do another post on that in a week or so. She's only about 3 or 4 days in so I haven't started drinking heavily yet. Just I'm not.

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  1. these pics are amazing! gosh they're beautiful dogs : )

  2. Thanks e photography! These were the very first pics I took with my new camera. :)

  3. Luna(tic) is beautiful and I love your nickname for her! I know exactly what you mean by going from light speed to ludicrous speed... Bailey STILL does laps around the yard like a possessed dog and she's five! Sounds like little Luna is going to be a handful (in a good way). Doggie Daycare sounds like fun - do you notice that Luna is visibly more tired after daycare or is she still full of beans?

  4., Daycare has been a godsend for us. We started sending Cleo when she was about 8 months old. We normally send them both twice a week for a half a day. They crash as soon as they get home and later in the evening they are quite a bit more mellow. But you know how it's hard to tire out a GSP! :)