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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nobelles Dances in the Moonlight - Call name Luna

I'm proud to show off our newest addition. Her name is Nobelle's Dances in the Moonlight and we shall call her Luna. She is a full blood sister to our other Nobelles GSP Cleo. Little Luna is 7 weeks old and isn't that little at all! When Cleo was 8 weeks she weighed 7.4lbs. Luna is a chunky monkey tipping the scales at 9.4lbs! But she is just about the sweetest little thing I have ever laid eyes on. We picked her up last night from her breeder Bob Corsaro, in Ridgewood, NJ.

Cleo Puppy Pic when she was 8 weeks old

Luna Puppy Pic from today at 7 weeks! She's a tank...and to think Cleo weighs 61 lbs now. 

We got her home and gave her some time to do her business outside before bringing her in and introducing her to big sis Cleo. Luna was a tad bit shy which is to be expected. I was really pleased with Cleo's reaction as she was very gentle with her and excited. Lots of Cleo tail wagging.

Playtime outside today!

We fed Luna and watered her after she settled in and then we stayed up to give her plenty of time to digest before taking her back outside to do more business which she did. I have to say it really broke my heart when we kenneled her up for the night. We expected her to cry and whine like Cleo did when she was a pup but Luna was asleep and snuggled in before the cage door was closed and locked. She never made a peep all night. She was actually still asleep this morning when we got up at 6:30 to check in on her.

Luna crashed out on the couch after a long day the tongue

Such snuggly sweetness!

I think Luna had an awesome first day with her new family. She spent most of it tromping around the yard after her big sis. She hops like a rabbit and falls over like a drunken sailor. It warms your heart really.

Cleo keeping a close watch

Jim and I managed to work it out that one of us will be home with her all the time until Wednesday. So we will get in lots of bonding and loving time. We also have lots of time planned to just spend with Cleo who is being a champ about the new living situation.

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