Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Puppy Update: Week Two

Today Luna is officially 9 weeks old. At this stage she is changing so much day to day. She is now responding to her name and understands what "no" means. She has learned if you smack the back door you get to go out. If you smack it on the other side you get to come in. She waits to be let out of her kennel now and has started to grasp the concept of having to wait before being fed. She has learned an immense amount in the last 14 days.

Getting leggy

It definitely helps Luna that she has a big sister to emulate and follow around. She always wants to do whatever Cleo is doing. Luckily for us she has stepped up to the plate and really seems to be loving her new role. Since it was so hot today Cleo pied pippered the little one into the doggie pool. Jim and I sat back and watched Luna climb in and out herself. It was beyond cute to watch. We were sure not to fill it up to high. We don't want to over do it but judging by her reaction she's gonna like the water.

I'm sure Luna is thinking....What is that stuff?? I want that ball.

Luna gets pretty sassy with Cleo. She climbs all over her, chews on her nose and face, pulls on her ears. What amazes me the most is how Cleo lets her do it. Those little puppy teeth hurt! I have actually questioned on more than one occasion if this puppy is part vampire. But Cleo doesn't seem to mind. She is actually quite patient with her. God bless her, I wouldn't put up with half the crap she does. 

Puppy romp!

Luna's confidence is growing every day. She is getting more bold but she is still a sweet and mellow puppy. I'm so glad we made the decision to get her, she has added so much to our lives already.  

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  1. She's so beautiful, both your girls are. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.