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Sage Monkey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppy Update: One Week In

Well so far so good. We have officially had Luna for 8 days. A lot has transpired in the past week, some of it expected, some of it a surprise but regardless its all been a good experience. First and foremost Luna is really sweet and borderline laid back. When Cleo was this age she was like lightening in a bottle. Her personality has really made the transition from one dog to two dogs much easier than expected. She does not cry at night when kenneled, she does her business the second you take her outside and she learns really fast. She definitely has her she-devil moments but they are rather amusing and mostly brought on by her big sister.

Cleo and Luna's relationship has gone through quite a few stages in the past week. Everything I had read   about introducing a new puppy to an older dog discussed having them meet in a neutral location, then move them to your yard and then finally into your house blah blah blah. Yea...maybe in a perfect world but not at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night when its kinda cruddy out. We brought puppy in, put her on a doggie bed and let them check each other out. Cleo was pretty excited with her short tail wagging. It wasn't until the following afternoon when she realized this pup was here to stay did the silent treatment begin followed closely by the cold shoulder. First she wouldn't let me pet her and only gave me the look. She also refused to acknowledge Luna's existence. After three days she became overly lovey with me and would sit near the pup but god forbid the pup touched her. But each day after it got better with yesterday being our breakthrough day.

This is what they have been doing the last 20 minutes while I have been on the computer

Sorry if the video is kind of cruddy. Cleo will lay there and let the pup chew on her face and ears. She will bring her toys and encourage her to play. Cleo has really come around. They do need to be monitored though since Cleo is so much bigger than her. But so far so good!

Chilling in the yard

In the last week Luna has gained 3 pounds and now tips the scales at 12.5 lbs! She has such an appetite! She has also been managing the stairs on the deck well and has learned to not chase the cats. Puppy lesson #246....mess with the cats and they light you up like Christmas. She also learned puppy lesson #52....running into glass sliding doors hurts your little puppy face. 

I'll leave you with one more snugly sleep picture. Be sure to follow us on facebook at Adventures of a German Shorthaired Pointer. This weekend we will be heading to a Hickory Run NAVHDA Chapter training day and I'm sure I'll have a ton of pics and stories to share so stop back! 

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