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Friday, January 28, 2011

Puppy Number Two!?!

Cleo is days away from being 17 months old. It's been quite a journey so far. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday when we first got her. I'll never forget the excitement of going to pick her up from the breeders house and being so scared when we brought her home. Until we got Cleo I had practically zero experience with dogs. My parents had dobermans when I was a child but the last one passed away when I was around 5. I never had the desire to have a dog. I have always had cats...Siamese cats and I love them.
Cleo romping in the fields behind our house at 8 weeks

After living with Jim for a few years I knew he wanted a dog. He had always had them. His most favorite being Rusty, a setter that he had when he was a kid. He hunted Rusty and always talked fondly of it. When I finally gave in to Jim wanting a dog I refused to get a dog that would just lay about. If we were going to have a dog it was going to have a purpose and do stuff....whatever stuff was. After a ton of research I talked Jim into getting a GSP. Once we found Bob Corsaro and Nobelles Kennel we knew we had the right place. Jim an avid hunter became sucked into the world of bird dog hunting and the rest is kind of history. Somehow in the process I have become a huge lover of dogs. Especially ones with sassy attitudes and spots.

Cleo at 8 weeks
Somehow I always knew we would get another dog. Cleo is just too in love with other dogs and so is Jim. We have a deposit on another Nobelles puppy. This time around we will be getting a male whom I have already named Otis. Jim and I talk about Otis like he'll be here any day now but in reality it will sometime around April of 2012 when he will be bred. Cleo and Otis will have the same mom - Nobelles Final Testament, call name Tessie but they will have different fathers. Otis's father will be KS Bellevue vom Hege Haus. Both dogs are proven in the field and in the water under actual hunting conditions as well as being tested within NADKC, NAVHDA and the AKC.

Here is a pic of Tessie:

Here is a pic Bellevue:

I can't wait to get Otis. I think he will be the perfect addition to our family. Both Jim and I look forward to the days training him, hunting him and loving him. And I'm pretty sure Cleo will love him dearly too. I just pray he eats less pairs of my shoes than Cleo did. Or maybe this time around I will get a little payback and Otis will eat Jim's shoes since Cleo has never touched a pair of his!

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  1. This is exciting news!! And just a hint...if you bait Jim's shoes with the scent of bacon, you can be sure that Otis will gobble them up. LOL!!! wlb