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Sage Monkey

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So I finally broke down and....

So I finally broke down and purchased a bright orange fleece vest for Cleo. I know...I know...she's a dog and she doesn't need clothing. BUT Jim and I both discussed it and we feel she needs it. I feel I put up a pretty argument as to why it will be beneficial to her.

Cleo loves people but what Cleo really LOVES is other dogs. She waits impatiently every morning for the German Shepard named Natasha who lives up the street to come and visit her first thing every morning just so they can get their early morning play in and sniff butts. Her favorite dog people in the world are my brothers basset hound Fisher and her sister and litter mate Molly. Unfortunately, Cleo doesn't get to spend as much time with them as we would like. So twice a week she goes to Mill Pond Vet in Quakertown to their doggie daycare. They have a huge fenced in area where the dogs can run freely, they have some agility equipment and barrels they can play on and most importantly there are at least 10 dogs for her there to play with. She knows the days she goes to daycare and sits in the front seat of my truck bursting with anticipation. But lately its been so cold. Some mornings its been 17 degrees with a wind a chill of 5 degrees and Cleo has little to no fur. She spends hours outside playing and I would just feel better knowing she had some additional protection from the harsh cold and wind. Mill Pond does a great job monitoring the dogs and periodically bringing them to warm them up but Jim and I both feel on certain days its not enough.

My second reason is we live in the sticks and everyone and their brother owns a gun...or two...or three. When we take Cleo to the fields and run her out for her daily exercise both Jim and I dress in orange so we don't get shot but all Cleo has is her orange collar. On opening day of shotgun for deer hunting this season in our town a local hunter was shot and killed while dragging his 9 point 200lb deer out of the woods to gut. The man...David Manilla who shot the hunter was illegally hunting with a high powered rifle. Needless to say since that happened both Jim and I want Cleo as visible as possible.  You can read more about that here:

So the fleece vest she is getting is coming from Ugly Dog Hunting. It's pretty fly. Check out the picture of it below:

  river's west dog vest

The fleece cost $44.00 dollars but in reality the piece of mind it will bring on the few days she will wear it is priceless. As soon as it comes I will get a paparazzi pic of her and post it. Lol.

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