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Sage Monkey

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upstate Pennsey Grouse Hunting

Friday night Jim and Cleo left for the weekend to go on a grouse hunting trip with our good friend Paul and his GSP Molly. Cleo and Molly are sisters and litter mates. We have been getting them together for playtime and training since they have been about 4 months old. When Cleo and Molly are together they can't get enough of each other. Every second they spend together is play time unless they are in the field.
Jim, Paul and the pups stayed at Paul's father in-laws cabin in upstate Pa by the New York border. They got to go out a couple of times but unfortunately didn't find any birds. It had snowed the day before they left for the cabin and when they arrived there was about a foot of snow on the ground. It was also negative 1 degrees Saturday morning when they got up to go hunting. So the trip didn't produce any birds but it sounds like the guys and the pups had a really good time despite the lack of bird action.

It was really nice of Paul and his father in-law Ron to invite Jim and Cleo up. Hopefully they will get to go again when its a bit more warmer. I also found it hilarious that Molly has the same sweet orange fleece as Cleo. Apparently Molly doesn't despise hers like our pup. Anyway, below is a pic of the two of them in their matching vests. I apologize that the picture is so blurry....the dogs are in constant motion when they are together.

While Jim was away hunting I stayed at home to train for my upcoming fight. I was surprised at how lonely I was without Cleo. She must have missed me too because all she wanted the second she got home was to curl up on my lap and be loved. I was more than happy to give her lovies.

What a snuggler. :)  I'm glad their both home.


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  1. Ooooo Cleo!! LOL How cute snuggling with her Mommy. wlb