Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Baby Bird Debacle

A few weeks ago a robin built a birds nest on a window sill on our front porch. I can peel back the curtain in our dining room and peek into the nest. It's pretty neat. Everyone else can have that eagles nest live video feed....we got baby robins in real time!! I've been taking pictures every couple of days.

When the nest was first built a couple of weeks ago

When the eggs finally showed up!!

Momma bird keeping her eggs warm!

Last week when I came home I peered into the nest and their were baby birds!! I was so excited. I have to admit though at this point their pretty ugly.

So here is when things become a debacle. Cleo found the nest today. It's been raining for the last few days and Cleo being the pre-maddona she is doesn't like the rain. So when we force her to go outside to do her business she runs out front and sits on the porch. What a smartypants. But now she knows the nest is there. Were going to spend the next few weeks having to protect the babies and the mom.

So after her finding the nest and barking like crazy I thought I would take her on a walk. Help get her mind off the birdies. Below is a video of Cleo's idea of a walk. So much for what Caesar Milan thinks.....

So after a nice long walk/run we got back and I took her lead off in the driveway and I headed around to the back door. About 20 seconds later I realized a little spotted someone didn't follow me. She ran out front to check out the birds again. Grrrrrr! So much for getting her mind off of them!

I have a feeling this is gonna be difficult to get her to leave them alone.  How can I be mad when its what this bird dog does? But I still need to make sure she leaves them be. I can't wait till they are bigger and start getting feathers!! Updates to come!

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