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Sage Monkey

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparing for the AKC Senior Hunt Test part three

Before I get into the details of today's training I want to take a moment and congratulate Vinny Maldonado and his 15 month old Deutsh Kurzhaar Jasmine for receiving a Prize 1 at the NADKC Derby yesterday. The amazing thing about Jasmine and Vinny's story is he has only had her in his possession for a few short months. Until Vinny purchased Jasmine she had zero training on birds. With allot of hard work by Vinny and guidance by Bob Corsaro they were able to do exactly what the NADKC (North American Deutsh Kurzhaar Club) Derby Test is designed to do - show a dogs inherited abilities.  Jasmine knocked it out of the park and then she showed up today to start working towards her next test which is the NADKC Solms. One of the things Bob Corsaro had her do today in preparation of that was a track.

Jasmine right before the track
Vinny getting Jasmine excited about the bird she just finished tracking
I wish that I could have gotten more pictures of Jasmine. It's no secret I have a thing for the black and roan GSP/DK look. She photographs so well. Not to mention she has such a sweet disposition. But we faced two big issues today: #1). The grass was high. Like really high. So high that at times the dogs would kinda disappear....this does not make for good picture taking. It also hides the big black snakes really well. I'm pretty sure Jim and Bob almost jumped out of their skin last week when they encountered two huge five foot black snakes in this field. Ha haa. So bummed I missed that. And #2). It was wet. Like really wet. So wet that your could wring your socks, pants and shirt out when you were done wet. But it was still a good time!

Cleo also started her day off with a duck drag. This time Bob had Vinny drag the duck clear across the field. As always Vinny hid for us to let us know how she did. He said she picked it right up and there was no nipping or playing. Cleo came right back and brought the duck to hand. She has come along way in the last few weeks. 

Jim bringing Cleo up to track
Jim using a hat to get Cleo excited before telling her to track
After much anticipation a practically blinded Cleo bringing the dead duck back to hand!
Cleo also got a chance to get out and point some birds today as well as backing. Below are some of her pics on point.

Overall she had a nice day training. We brought home some extra quail and Jim will be working with her all week on steady on the shot ect. Next weekend both on Saturday and Sunday she tests for her first and second braces of the AKC Senior Hunt. I'm hoping she does well and think she will. Either way she'll ride home on my lap....spoiled GSP. 

Next up was Digby. He is a 10 month old GSP. I believe he comes from Keystone GSP's who is a GSP breeder in Pennsylvania. Bob's been working with Digby in preparation for his NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Natural Ability Test. Digby did a pheasant track today and also got out on some birds. Below are some pics of Digby doing his thing.

Bob and Jim dragging the pheasant using two leads to keep their scent off the tracking area. At the NA Test Digby will be required to track a live bird.
Digby on his track

Digby on point with Cleo honoring in the back ground

Digby and his owner Steve

The rest of the usual suspects were there as well. Starting with Mr. Jim Given and his ever handsome Scout. I swear Scout gained 10 pounds in that last 2 weeks since I have seen him. At six months old he is the same size as 55 lb Cleo. This boy is either gonna be a monster or Jim has to stop feeding him small children. He's huge. But his size doesn't seem to slow him down any. This boy loves finding birds.

I was also able to get a little video on Scout the Tank!! See below.

Two of Scout's sisters and litter mates were also there today training for their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. Up first was Fern. She's a real sweet pup with a great nose. 

There other sister Maggie May had a phenomenal day as well. Maggie is owned by Joseph Maucieri. Today was her first day on Quail as well as both of her siblings. She did a great job and started pointing birds right away. Below are some pics of Maggie and also a quick video of her locking up on point. 

We also experienced the setter invasion today. Rafael Cabrera was there again with his two handsome Llewellyn  Setters Copper and Caleb. Both of these pups are super flashy and there is no doubt that they both have great noses. Although I am a GSP person I love to photograph these dogs and I appreciate how they work a field. Both of Rafael's 9 month dogs did a great job today!

Below are some pics of Caleb:

Caleb on point being backed by Cleo

 Raphael working Caleb

Below are some pics of Copper:

Copper had a great day and even backed for Cleo when she went on point. This was a total bonus since it has not been something Copper has been working on. Copper may have gotten off to a slow start compared to Caleb but he is making progress and he is proving to be a great dog. 

Chaeli deserved some kind of award today. She looked like a totally different dog than weeks back. All the hard work her owner Ron Levine has put in guided by Bob Corsaro has really paid off. She held her points today, instead of running through the fields she really hunted. She is on her way. I hope Ron is proud because he should be. I have a feeling he will have a blast shooting birds over her head this fall. In fact I'm requesting pics from his first hunt!! Way to go Chaeli!!

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