Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cleo vs. Mr. Toad

It's time for some simple math. 80 degrees + light rain = prime time frog and toad weather. Cleo + frogs = pure entertainment.

I let Cleo outside last night and within seconds she spotted a toady hovering near the bottom of the deck. Before I could stop her she was on the ground poised for attack. Luckily Mr. Toad hopped under the deck and out of her reach.

Not to be deterred she ran around to the far side of the deck and army crawled over to where the toad was hiding.

Mr. Toad hopped back out to safety. But for whatever reason Cleo stayed under the deck but continued to try to get the toad with little success. Watch the video's below to see how spastic she is.

Just keep in mind at anytime she could just crawl out from under the deck on the otherside, walk around to the frog and get it. But that would be way too easy.

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