Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleo Gets a Pedi...Well Sort Of

I took Little Ms. Sassy spots over to PetSmart tonight to get her nails ground down. You would think we feed that dog miracle grow at the rate in which her nails flourish. Getting her nails ground down seems to be the way to go for her. There's no pinching when clipping, no chance of us nicking the quick, and when she gets pissy I'm paying someone else $16 to deal with her crabbiness. I'd refer to that as an epic win.

Cleo on the table - So far so good....

Cleo under the dremmel.

After the first foot things started to go down hill. The groomer moved to the front foot and Cleo realized she could mess with her. So the groomer had to call in reinforcements. Hilarious.

When we finished we did our normal PetSmart perusing. That typically includes a cruise by the Birds as well as her other favorite the Guinea Pigs. You can click on this link to see her first reaction to these little pig pigs. And no pet store shopping trip is complete without a decisively chosen dog toy and a biscuit from the cashier. Today Cleo got a big purple ball with a rope!

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