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Friday, June 24, 2011

GSP Dog Party!

Last night Cleo was cordially invited to a lovely GSP party about 25 minutes from our home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our host was Jackie Secan from Montgomery County, PA. Jackie and I recently met on which is a forum for GSP obsessed people. She noticed I lived relatively close to her and reached out to me. I'm elated she did. She's a wonderfully funny person and she fully understands whats its like to live with and hunt over these energetic spunky dogs.

Jackie and her boyfriend Chris have two GSP's. They purchased their first pup Impressive Gewehr Von Catskill, call name Gunner when he was a puppy from Catskill Peasantry in Long Eddy, NY. Gunner is 14 months old and he has a spirited and quirky personality. Jackie has some hilarious video's of Gunner singing on her facebook page and yesterday while at play Gunner danced off chasing a dragonfly. He would throw/launch himself into the air trying to catch it. It was pretty entertaining! You can tell he is a real lover boy too.

Their other GSP is BNJ's Jager Von Draken, Call name Drake and he is 19 months old. They purchased him as a started gun dog out of a kennel in Michigan because they realized they didn't have the time for a puppy but wanted Gunner to have a four legged companion. You'll notice Drake has a cone on his head. He ran into a tree a few days ago and split his leg open receiving several stitches. He came out to play but wasn't allowed to play too hard. You'll notice below Cleo has very few manners and finds it completely acceptable to chew on his lamp shade.

Apparently she doesn't realize its socially inappropriate to chew on someones head cone. I clearly blame her poor manners on her father. :)

There were five GSP's in total at the party. Two more handsome males where brought by Jon and Lisa Sensinger also of Montgomery County, PA. You know its weird when you see someones dogs and realize that they look really familiar....more than the people who own them. Last fall when Jim and I took Cleo to finish her AKC Junior Hunt Tests in Weatherly, PA we watched both of Jon and Lisa's dogs complete their AKC Master Hunt Titles. We were super impressed at the time by how flashy they were in the field and how well they performed. They were being handled at the time by a professional handler out of Virginia named Bruce Shaffer. Below are some pics of their boys:

This is proud momma Lisa with her boy Shady Cove's Bummin Money for Whiskey, call name Dollar. 

This is their other male Snips's Sixth-Sense Wyatt, call name Wyatt.

Wyatt is 2 years old and completed his AKC MH at the age of 18 months. His big brother Dollar, who is quite large by the way, is 3 years old. All the pups had a blast together and considering that their were four un-fixed males and one intact female there were no fights or cruddy attitudes. They all seemed to really get along nicely.

Cleo Sandwich

Drake's impersonation of the headless horse dog

Chris was nice enough to get a big bowl full of water and ice to keep the dogs cool. For whatever reason Cleo felt the ice shouldn't be in the bowl and proceeded to muddy the drinking water with her filthy paws and sling the ice everywhere. I suddenly felt what its like to be the parent of the socially awkward kid.

I also took some video of the festivities!

King of the Hill

Face biting between Cleo and Wyatt

Cleo and Drake on the Hill

It was super nice and generous of Jackie and Chris for inviting us all over. The dogs clearly had a blast and we all enjoyed an awesome dinner with some seriously yummy desert. Before we had to split we thought it would be fun to try and get a group picture together. See below.

Jackie had to grab Gunner as he made a break for it!

So hopefully we can get the pups back together for another date. You meet the nicest people with hunting dogs. 

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