Sage Monkey

Sage Monkey

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Star Outfielder

Look out Shane Victorino there's a new star outfielder in town! You may be The Flyin Hawaiian but when Charlie Manuel see's the Cleo Express you may as well pack your bags for Maui. She may not be a switch hitter but she can retrieve the ball and point the elusive Nene bird. I'd like to see you try that.

Cleo is the perfect out fielder for a group of mildly boozed up gals on a Friday night. All we have to do is crack the ball across the yard and she does all the work. This equates to less time running and more time drinking. I mean..who doesn't want that? The only hard part is getting her to give up the prize.

Rebecca pitching while Cara bats

So look out Shane. There's a spotted GSP ready to give you a run for your money. Go Phillies!

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