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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nobelles Brewed to Perfection: Call name Kona

Kona is owned by Jason and Jen Frie of Vineland, New Jersey. She is one of Cleo's sisters and litter mates. The picture of her above was taken when we tested all the pups together last fall for their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. She's a sweet pup with a big personality like her sister Cleo. Below is a picture of their litter of 10 when they were still in the whelping box. Bob Corsaro the breeder of these Nobelle's pup took this picture and sent it to everyone who was getting a pup from the litter. Kona is the pup furthest to the bottom walking to the right. She has big beautiful patches of liver.

Photo courtesy of Bob Corsaro

Jason plans on running Kona next year for her NAVHDA Utility Test. He's been working her on force fetch lately which she has been doing great with! He's planning on doing a duck drag this week and is planning to focus on working the stop to the flush and then steady through the fall.

Kona is quite a sassy girl. Jason shared a quick story with me about Kona that made laugh. It reminded me so much of Cleo....these pups sure love squirrels! Please see the pic and story below:

Kona loves chasing squirrels. I had a bird feeder out that attracted many of them that drove her crazy. She has not been able to snatch one yet due to their escape routes being only a few feet away from the feeder. I walked outside one day to find Kona pointing something as she was standing on the wall of the wishing well. By the time I went and grabbed my phone to get a pic, she wasn't pointing anymore, but she stayed up there for about 20mins. I guess she like the higher view. See attached pic.

Later that day Jen went outside to check on her and couldn't find her. She was looking around and said she finally seen her head sticking out of the well. Watching the squirrels eating. As Jen approached the squirrels went running and Kona gave chase. Jen said all day she would hide in the well and wait for the squirrels to come back out and try to catch them again. I wish Jen would have gotten video of that, is sounded comical. 

He also reported that her nemesis is the rabbit that lives under the shed. He said she's close to catching it but hasn't had success yet. Knowing these Nobelles pups I'm pretty sure she will never give up. He said she has figured out how to use the pool as cover so she can sneak up on the rabbit from behind. Sounds like that bunnies days are numbered! It's also been discovered that Kona doesn't mind making waves. She apparently has the ability to jump into their 4 1/2 foot high above ground pool without using the ladder. Jason said she has dock dog quality range! 

It warms my heart that these pups have such similar traits and such big personalities. I know I couldn't imagine my life without Cleo and I'm pretty sure Jen & Jason feel the same way about Kona. So stayed tuned for more Kona and Nobelles pup updates!

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